14 Smart Home Innovations You Never Heard Of

Do you ever think of living in a smart home? Wouldn’t you want to control your home wireless? One day, we will live in a smart house with all advanced automation features. Smart home innovations include many things that make your home digitally smart. It covers lightning control, home automation and smart security system. It improves the safety of your home by monitoring it and accessing your daily home appliances. We have compiled 14 beautiful and smart home innovations for your dream house. Read the following list and enjoy.

14. Birdi Air Monitor

Birdi Air Monitor

Birdi is an elegant device that monitors the air quality of your home. It was invented by Mark Belinsky and Justin Alvey and formerly known as Canary. It tracks dust particles and also warns about emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide. It works very silently and smartly. It also sends notifications about its working through the app. It is considered better than a standard smoke detector. Experiments also proved that it improves the health.

13. Belkin Wemo Switch

Belkin Wemo Switch

By using Belkin Wemo, you can turn your electronic devices on and off remotely. You can operate them over WiFi network and control any device including lamps, TV, heater, fans and many more. Plug all electronic devices to use them wirelessly from anywhere. It is a completely modular system that is specially designed as a smart home gadget. You can set a schedule on your smartphone running Android or iOS and it also controls several devices at a time.

12. Ninja Sphere

Ninja Sphere

Ninja Sphere is a cool device that detects everything about your house’s condition and sends notifications to your smartphone or smartwatch. It also keeps eyes on your pets and informs you when they are missing. You can also turn on and off devices connected to a smart plug. It gives your home a brain and a voice. It uses a sensor technology that learns your preferences and takes care of your valuable items.

11. Homey


Homey is a very intelligent gadget that talks to you and to other smart devices. It allows you to remotely control every appliance via the smartphone app or voice commands. Homey is designed for everyone whether you are a student or businessman. Just tell it to play a film and it will dim the lights and start playing your movie on TV. When you wake, the curtains would automatically open and your day would start with a morning song. All you have to do is set preferences on the smartphone app.

10. Ring


Ring is another home security system that lets you see who’s behind your door from anywhere. It features an HD camera, motion detection sensors and cloud recording. It provides a new level of security by alerting you when someone enters your property. It also features an LED ring that shows different functions with an array of light. This device was especially designed for Americans because every year more than 1 million burglaries were reported only in the United States.

9. Canary


Canary is a complete security system in a single gadget. It features an HD camera and a smart system that sends notifications to your phone or tablet. You can set it up within a few minutes and also buy at an affordable price. It also features a mic, a siren that produces 90 dB alarm and a motion sensor that triggers when it detects any movement. It is so advanced that it doesn’t activate when you’re at home. Canary also monitors the temperature, humidity and the quality of the air.

8. Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

What would you do if have lost your door keys? Schlage creates a door lock system that features a touchscreen with an alarm. It also features an anti-pick shield for protection against lock tampering. It can hold up to 30 user codes and a powerful motorized bolt that locks and unlocks when a user code is entered. Camelot touchscreen deadbolt looks like a simple lock but it is considered as a high residential security system.

7. Philips Hue

Philips Hue

Philips creates a unique LED light with intuitive technology. It is smart enough to change an array of hue to inform you about the weather outside your home. It is controlled using another device, The Bridge which is also known as the heart of the Philips hue. It is a smart gadget that makes your home stunning and beautiful. It also connects to WiFi via your router and can control up to 50 bulbs at a time. Hue is a mobile gadget that you can control it using a smartphone app.

6. OCHO Pad


OCHO Pad is a wired up tray that uses an NFC technology. It was designed with the concept of identifying wallets, phones and communication between house members. It helps you to improve your standard of living by sending and receiving customizable messages. It also comes with cloud storage service so that you can access all your messages and setting when you need them. It is like a parental control that allows you to know whether your children came back to home or not.

5. Honda Miimo

Honda Miimo

A digitally extraordinary home must have a lawn and a wireless operated lawn mower. Honda Miimo is the first commercial robot built by Honda. It was designed to cut grass over a repetitive period of time. It can cut only 2-3 mm of grass and covers an area of 3000 meter square. A standard lawn mower is very messy and takes a lot of time. It also cuts grass in different patterns and runs on lithium-ion batteries.

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4. Piper


Piper is an advanced home security system that lets you connect with your home wirelessly. It is a perfect device for video monitoring and home automation. It is very easy to install and has a simple design. It features a 180 degree live camera that keeps you connected with what’s important to you. You can monitor your home by scheduling Piper and enjoy a peaceful moment when you are not there.

3. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August is the smartest door locking system. You don’t require any type of key or touchscreen to operate it. It connects to your smartphone and automatically locks and unlocks the door when you are nearby your home. It comes with an intuitive technology and an array of LEDs. Whenever the power or WiFi goes down, it uses batteries to keep you updated. If the batteries go down, it reminds you to change the batteries.

2. Wally Home

Wally Home

Wally is also known as smart home sensing and moisture detection device that detects moisture and humidity changes. It comes with six sensors to affix on the walls and you can also buy an additional sensor separately. Water damage is a serious problem and this gadget notifies you when there is a serious problem. It works silently and smartly that serves day and night against unprotected water leaks.

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat - Smart Home Innovations

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Nest Thermostat is a wireless home heating system that uses a WiFi network to control it. It learns your preferences by using its motion sensor technology and adjusts it automatically. It features many technologies fitted in a small gadget. Nest is a powerful device that also allows you to save your bills up to 20%. When you are not at home, it automatically turns into an energy-efficient mode. You can also control it using a smartphone app and connect to your thermostat, miles away from home.

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