Top 10 Strange Days Celebration Around the World

There are many weird holidays that occur almost every day around the world. Most holidays such as Christmas, light heated or religious aspect of faith attached to the celebration are more common even to the younger child. There are some festivals that are so weird and don’t make any sense but it’s still a joy to experience them. But there are also many strange days, which are celebrated just to commemorate significant events in the past. Let’s have a look at 10 Strange Days Celebration around the World and tell us which one you have heard before.

10. Titanic Remembrance Day

Titanic Remembrance Day1Photo credit: wikimedia

On 14th April 1912, the R.M.S Titanic stuck in an iceberg and within hours the luxury ship sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. Titanic Remembrance Day is celebrated on 15th April and dedicated to the memory of the Titanic and over 1500 people who died. Some people celebrate it by watching the movie “Titanic” and listening to “My Heart Will Go On” made on this accident.

9. Donald Duck Day

Donald Duck Figurine ProfilePhoto credit: flickr

Donald Duck is a funny animal cartoon character created on 9th June 1934 in Walt Disney Production. That’s the reason, on his birthday the Donald Duck day is celebrated. He appeared in highest films than any other Disney character and always been one of the most popular Disney characters. Clarence Nash was the man behind the voice for more than 50 years until his death.

8. Working Naked Day

working peoplePhoto credit: wikimedia

Working Naked Day started on 1st February 2010 when an office expert created an event to celebrate the freedom of working at home. They could make it normal, but they make it a serious event. As the name suggests people remain unclothed full day while working for their boss or they can grant a leave or work at home on this special day.

7. Straw Bear Day

Straw BearPhoto credit: Geograph

A Straw bear is a traditional characteristic of Germany. Some people dress in costumes made of straw and originally accompanied for begging from door to door. This festival is celebrated since 1852 and every year celebrated on different days. In 2014, the festival was celebrated between 10th-12th January. It is celebrated with over 250 dancers, musician and performers and a decorative plough pulled by plough boys.

6. Punch Your Neighbor Day

Punch Your Neighbor Day1Photo credit: Odditycentral

Punch your neighbor day or Tinku festival is a traditional festival in Bolivia, Machu and Potosi. Every May the people of Bolivia, Machu and Potosi have dangerous fights with each other. They fight for the love of god and believed that this is at least 600 years old festival. They also believed that the earth Goddess Pachamama ensures a good harvest by demanding blood. The more blood, the better the harvest.

5. Appreciate a Dragon Day

Appreciate a Dragon Day1Photo credit: wikipedia

Appreciate a Dragon Day was created on 16th January 2004 by the author Donita K. Paul. This day is celebrated for the release of her first book in the Dragon Keepers Series, Dragonspell. After that she wrote five books in the series. The main aim of this day is for children to choose their best dragon and read about them, draw them and go creative.

4. Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day1Photo credit: wikimedia

Since 1789 the Lighthouse Day has been celebrated on 7th of August to preserve lighthouses as an important historical symbol in America. The day commemorates the beacon of light that symbolize safety and security of boats in sea. Now there are many local and national lighthouse preservation societies and organization. Nowadays lighthouses have GPS and radar technology so that all kinds of ships find their way during bad weather.

3. Gunpowder Day

Gunpowder Day1Photo credit: wikimedia

Gunpowder Day or Guy Fawkes Day, both are same, is celebrated every year on 5th of November. It commemorates the infamous gunpowder conspiracy of 1605 in England, led by Guy Fawkes. The Gunpowder conspirators were a group of Catholics who wanted to blow up the British house of parliament. Guy Fawkes was arrested as he was about to ignite the gunpowder. People in England celebrate it with fireworks and bonfires.

2. Star Wars Day

Star Wars dayPhoto credit: wikimedia

One of the most popular movies “Star Wars” fans celebrates star wars, culture and books, every year on 4th May. It is celebrated on 4th May because of a famous quote from the movie “May the Force be With You”. But fans say it as “May the Fourth be With You”.

1. International Skeptics Day

International Skeptics Day - Strange Days CelebrationPhoto credit: wikipedia

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It is one of the strangest days celebrated around the world. A skeptic is a person who doubts facts and theories and does not believe the given thing. International skeptics day is the perfect day for a doubting person and celebrated on 13th October or 13th January or the first Friday of the year. If you are a skeptic person then the International Skeptics Day is for you.

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