24 Substratum Theme To Give Your Android A New Look | 2022 Edition

If you are looking to theme your device, look no further than Substratum – a fully functional theme engine for Android interface. It’s a combination of Layers and CyanogenMod (earlier theme engine) that provides additional benefits, like no reboot required each time you change the theme, also it warns you when themes get outdated.

To use Substratum, your device must be rooted, and to make the full use of this, you need some Substratum themes. You may have tried some of the templates and might have felt disappointed. To make it easier, we present you a hand-picked collection of compelling Substratum themes that will force you to ditch the default Android design and bring a fresh look. Most of the listed apps are paid. 

24. Greyce

Greyce is a nice, minimalistic theme that includes three variants – light theme with black accent, light theme with gray accent and a pixel variant with blue accent. It themes calculator, gallery, AOSP keyboard, settings, systemUI, documents, and popular apps like WhatsApp and Google Play Services.

23. Rounded UI Theme

If you are a fan of rounded elements, this theme is designed for you. It gives rounded borders to almost all UI items including buttons, recent apps, cards and notifications. Although the theme has a single feature, it is not free. You need to pay $0.99 for it.

22. Default Dark Theme for Substratum

This theme is based on the default AOSP dark material colors. It lets you customize System UI, settings, documentUI and numerous AOPS apps. Although it comes with teal as default accent color, you can select other available options, in which, blue, cyan, green, lime and red look great.

21. Pikzel – 12 in 1

Pikzel keeps the light theme of apps untouched and changes their accent color. It comes with 12 stylish accent colors, of which midnight blue, green sea and smoked R is our favorite. The theme supports a bunch of popular apps, including YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp, and a lot more. Moreover, it gives you the option to apply different colors to different apps.
No, it doesn’t come for free, you need to pay $0.99 to download.

20. Belo

While Belo looks clean and polished, it supports dark and light themes for AOSP keyboard. It covers almost all system apps, setting UI as well as popular apps, including Google+, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, Whatsapp, and more. It’s a paid theme with a price tag of $1.99.

19. Luminous

Luminous is a light theme for Substratum. It supports 55 apps and contains 49 different color options. The theme covers almost all AOSP apps, Google apps, SuperSu, SystemUI, inbox, YouTube, and many more. It will cost you $1.49.

18. Gravija

Gravija is simple and extremely well-balanced theme in terms of exclusivity and excellence. Along with providing both light and dark themes in one single package, it also offers tons of customization and overlays. This one is also a paid theme with a price tag of $1.49.

17. S.i.X Theme

S.i.X Theme comes with over 150 accent, 150 primary color, 21 framework background color, 8 AOSP keyboard color, 36 font styles, 24 navigation bar, 4 setting card styles, and 10 boot animations. It supports almost all system and Google apps. The developer is generous enough to give all this for free.

16. Coalfield

Coalfield Substratum theme has a pastel color scheme over dark background, something that looks really great all together. It comes with a full Material design color palette, boot animations, custom fonts, notification icons, volume panel, animated switched, checkboxes, and buttons. You need to pay $1.49 to get it.

15. Streamlined Light

This is a new theme from SnN, making icon design a mesh between style and simplicity. It supports AOSP apps, system apps, Google apps, WhatsApp, Softkeys & Smartbar and more.

14. Outline Theme

If you consider numbers, outline theme supports 80 apps, overlays for 43 third party apps, 25 Google app and 12 system apps. It allows you to select among many colors (including Outline and Material), and mix and match between accent and primary colors. Overall, this is a beautiful color theme that comes with a price tag – $1.99.

13. Transparent Theme

The name makes it clear itself, the theme displays the background of your UI transparent like a glass. Every time you change a wallpaper, you get a new theme at your disposal. It lets you customize the accent and primary color, fonts, icons colors and borders. The theme costs $0.99.

12. Antares

The Antares theme is inspired by hexagonal design. It comes with blue-gray backtone (you can also select a secondary color), its own font pack, boot animation, lock screen and sound panels. The theme supports system apps, Google apps, AOSP apps, and system UI. All this for $0.99.

11. Spectrum Theme

Spectrum Theme comes with over 180 color options, making thousands of different themes possible. You can customize AOSP apps, settings, systemUI, Google apps, WhatsApp, Twitter and other popular apps. However, it all doesn’t come for free, you need to pay $1.99.

10. Reverie

Reverie is a highly customizable theme that comes with unique system icons. The theme contains multiple colors, vector status bar, setting icons, animated switches, buttons and checkboxes, custom ring, alarm and notification sounds, fonts battery icons and wallpapers. All this would cost you $1.49.

9. RubiQ

RubiQ is a vibrant theme with tack sharp and vector based iconography. It comes with light, dark as well as pitch black overlays. The theme is packed with multiple shades, navigation bar, smartbar, battery icons, fonts, boot animation, system apps and third party apps. It all comes with a price of $1.49.

8. Compound

The Compound is a highly customizable theme for Android Nougat and later versions. Although it has both light and dark version, the darker tone looks more polished and appealing. As you might have guessed, this doesn’t come for free. You need to pay $1.49 for it.

7. Flux

Flux won’t disappoint you at all. It is designed with pixel perfect precision and high quality vector graphics to give your phone a completely modern look and feel. The theme lets you customize settings, notifications, dialer and keyboard. It will cost you $1.49.

6. A Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Upon applying Swift Dark, it turns the white default Android UI into a darker UI – more like material black. Along with systemUI and settings, it themes a number of popular apps and ad services, including AOSP apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and more. By the way, the theme is not free, it will cost you $1.99.

5. PitchBlack

PitchBlack is full-featured theme perfecting the balance between minimalism, materialism, and numerous epic color combinations. With over 12 material design exclusive themes, PitchBlack boasts of two types of navigation bar overlays, two boot animation and two types of network indicator. All this would cost you $1.99. 


GRVY combines attention to the smallest details, retro feel with futuristic look paired with high quality vectorized glyphs. It comes with 40+ themed apps and it allows you to customize almost everything, including, quick settings, power menu, navigation bar and more. Furthermore, it supports customization for 3rd party apps like Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. This all would cost you $1.49.

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3. ModernUI

ModernUI is styled after Windows Phone 10 design. It features dark background and blue accent color. The theme contains systemUI, GoogleContacts, calculator, setting, packageInstaller, and Google Dialer customization effect. Since it is based on defined concept, you won’t be able to select different accent colors.

2. J Dark Ice

beautiful theme that supports multiple color choices such as ice blue (default), ice pink, ice jade, ice gold, ice silver, primary blue, green, red and yellow. It gives you the option to customize almost everything, including camera, chrome, calculator, inbox, settings, clock, file manager, email and SystemUI.

1. Dark Matter

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Dark Matter theme aims to give a complete futuristic look to your device. Attention to every aspect and details has been given carefully. All icons are built with pixel perfection and are of high quality. It supports icons, navigation bar, contacts, Google apps, settings, and third party apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. This elegant theme would cost you $1.99.

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