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20 Unknown And Interesting Rolls Royce Facts

spirit of ecstasy

Before we get going, we would like to thank our readers who appreciate our hard work and invest their valuable time in our ever growing project. Today, we will talk about the opulent and the most splendid car makers in the history of the automobile industry. Rolls-Royce has been the most luxurious car makers for ...

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All Interesting Facts About Black Holes and White Holes

Gravitational Depends on Mass and Distance

Because we don’t wanna sound racist, we are presenting some unknown and interesting facts about both- the black holes and the white holes. What exactly is a Black Hole? Simply put, a black hole is incredibly dense region of space that nothing can escape front its surface, not even light. The boundary of the region ...

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18 Most Interesting Facts About Quantum Computers | 2018 Edition

Latest quantum computer chip

Quantum computers are not supposed to check your emails, update status, or do normal software/hardware tasks. Instead, they are based on something more complex – Quantum Mechanics. Quantum computer deals with particle much smaller than the size of atom. At such smaller scale, rules of physics do not make any sense. This is where exciting ...

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20 Interesting Facts and Statistics About GitHub

Statistics About GitHub

GitHub is the best platform for sharing code with colleagues, classmates, friends and complete strangers. To make sure you do this without any interruption, GitHub provides dozens of features including access control, task management, feature requests, bug tracking and wikis for all projects. Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath and PJ Hyett launched GitHub.com on 10th April 2008, and within ...

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18 Intriguing Facts About World War 1

German flamethrowers

The World War II might be the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, but nothing affected Europe politically, socially and economically more than the WWI. Initially originated from the Balkans, the World War I lasted for four years from 1914-1918. It took millions of lives and costed countries billions and billions of dollars. Do ...

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26 Intriguing Facts About DNA You Probably Didn’t Know

red blood cells

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is a chain of organic molecules that caries unique genetic code and instructions which are necessary for any organism and even some viruses to evolve. They live in almost every cell of our body. The discovery of DNA, its structure and characteristics is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in the human ...

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30 Intriguing Facts And Statistics About Google

google facts and stats

In this age of technology, where data is more precious than oil, no one affects our life more than the silicon valley giant Google. Google is the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergei Brin, two doctoral students from the Stanford University. Its initial success was largely associated with the PageRank algorithm, which ranks a website ...

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25 Gripping Facts About the Universe

Virgo Supercluster

The universe we know today is a result of centuries of studies and observations conducted by astronomers all over the world. Although the earliest model of the universe was established by the ancient Indian and Greek philosophers, more accurate astrophysical studies were first done by Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who was followed by the likes of Tycho ...

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15 Mind-boggling Facts About The Nervous System

Growing Nerve Cells

The nervous system is simply the part of an organism that brings together and coordinates its actions by transmitting signals to-and-fro from every single part of its body. It detects environmental changes in the immediate surroundings and affects the body and then work as a unit with other body system to respond to such events. The nervous ...

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28 Fascinating Facts About Eye | Including Some Myths

Human eye resolution

Just like any other organ in our body, the human eye is also a complex system that provides us with a vision. Eye works on a simple principle; they detect light and then change it to electro-chemical impulses and send it to the brain. The transmission of these signals also has their own tales. The signals are ...

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