10 Things iPhone Does Better than Android

Apple’s product announcements are always been a huge deal. It’s not less than any big party or show concert. Whether you are a casual user, developer, technologist or stock broker, it matter at all, from personal to business consumers. On 9th September 2014 Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. And now, Android developers are working hard to fill the void present in their platform that iOS doesn’t have.

I have seen many cold wars between Android and iPhone and this article is quite in a favor of iOS users. No, I am not saying iPhone is better than Android. That’s totally depends on how you use your smartphone. Also, I am not a huge fan of Apple. There are many things where Android is ahead of Apple. But below you will find few things iPhone Does Better than Android. Image Credit: Apple

10. Apps

apple store

This is what we all know, iOS 8 benefits from Apple’s leading App Store. Currently, Apple store has over 1.3 million apps and the number is still increasing. Including health, education, communication, shopping, productivity and much more, the app store make iOS compatible with a wide range of applications.
Android still doesn’t have as many apps as Apple but the Play store is growing at a tremendous rate. Till now, it has not the depth and exclusivity of Apple store.

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9. Suitable of Enterprise

Suitable of Enterprise

Every business needs better security, administration and customization for employee usage. Apple’s iOS 8 has numerous options for enterprise to take better control of mobile device. For example, it has a Device Enrollment Program that can automatically set up multiple phones with specific settings, data, apps and restrictions. It will absolutely bring better security options to protect data and apps. On the other side, Google offers the same kind of service but it is not much flexible as it revolves around setting passwords and allowing apps to run.

8. New Area for Apple

New Area for Apple

Apple is now entering into the mobile wallet market with Apple Pay Product, partnering with MasterCard, Visa and American Express to make it available for over 220k U.S merchants. The idea is not new, in 2011, Google entered this area with Google Wallet but they failed to make a dent in the market. In upcoming years, it will be interesting to see what strategy they will use to expand Pay product business.
Android and Apple are now both Smartwatch candidates. The newly announced Apple Watch is compatible with older device including iPhone 5, 5c and 5s, which is expected to dilute the Android smartwarch market in future.

7. Battery Life

Battery life

Currently, there many Android devices with muscular batteries that can deliver long battery life. But the problem is paper specification and real world battery performance doesn’t match. It has been seen that most Samsung’s galaxy device won’t last for 8 hours after 6 months of purchase. On the other hand, Apple is claiming that their new device will be more energy efficient. And there no doubt that future releases will be more powerful and energy efficient on both sides.

6. Notification


The iOS 8 notification system has got an impressive upgrade. You can now interact and react with notifications. This is a new feature which is going to affect many apps. It is now possible to like Facebook status, accept events, follow people and much more direct from the notification bar and without leaving the app you are currently in.
Whereas in Android, when you click on notification it sends you to the relevant app. They are not interactive yet but you might see this feature in next Android OS upgrade.

5. Connectivity


The iPhone 6 model has a faster LTE download speed which can reach up to 150 Mbps. This is not something new as Samsung Galaxy s5 is packed with the same feature. The killer component is it has up to 20 LTE band that means you can connect to higher speed LTE network in more places. Also, while traveling, it will help you benefit from the growing number of roaming agreement in the world. The new apple phone also supports Voice over LTE i.e VoLTE which delivers crisp & clear sound with high quality video calls.

4. The Integration

The Integration

I am talking about integration among iPhone, iPad and Mac products which is still best in the field. In addition, Handoff feature allows you to work on files across multiple devices. If you are on Mac and working on a document, you can continue the same work on iPhone or iPad exactly where you left off. Moreover, with apple’s next desktop OS, Yosemite, you will be able to text, answer and make calls without picking your iPhone. Also, you will be able to tether iPhone to mac and can surf easily, even if you are not near to any WiFi connection. Google also does a good job linking data via Google drive and synchronizing app across devices. It allows you to access and share your documents on the browser. However, it is not easy to store and access other files on Google drive yet. And answering calls without using your phone isn’t as seamless. So, at present Apple still leads in integration area.

3. CPU + GPU Performance

Cpu and Gpu performance

Since last couple of years, Apple has been concentrating more on their performance. They have come with 64 bit A8 chip which is obviously faster than previous one. A8 chip has 2 billion transistors which are using advanced 20 nm process. As you can see in the graph, the graphic and CPU performance hasn’t just increased, they have gone 84x and 50x times ahead than the previous device. The A8 specifications on paper are lower than SoCs used on Android flagship however in real world performance Apple in the past has shown it is capable of delivering top end performance due to the software-hardware optimization.

2. The Display


Reading in bright sunlight is still a big problem with Samsung’s super Amoled devices. On the other hand, Apple is now using Retina HD display on iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It is packed with full sRGB color standard, amazing brightness and white balance. Retina HD is currently most advanced multi touch display that delivers high contrast, dual domain pixel for more accurate color at wide viewing angle and better polarizer. According to the Apple, they have developed an advanced process of photo alignment that gives you great viewing experience with deeper blacks and sharper texts.

1. The Design


The iPhone designs are always elegant and quite compelling. Same story continues with iPhone 6. This time they have increased the screen size and nothing is new in that as dozens of big screen Android phones are already there but the slickness of the phone is unmatchable.  From the seamless transition of metal and glass to streamlined profile, every tiny detail has been carefully considered to enhance user experience. The thinnest phone body made with stainless steel, glass and ionized aluminium. Along with focusing on features they also give importance to how great it feels in your hand. Even the box iPhone comes in is impressive.

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This is the never ending battle for both sides and how Google’s Android gonna respond in upcoming years is the big question right now. Till then, you enjoy the Technology.

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