20 Quick Web Tools to Create your Avatar

In an online world, we all have an identity that reflects who we are and what we look like. With so many profiles to manage, some of us are running out of ideas on how to customize the virtual look for every single platform.
This is a selfie era where people love to ‘cartoonify’ themselves. To give more dimensions to your pictures, we are introducing a few tools to create your own avatar. We have picked up these websites according to their features (filters & effects) and simplicity. Be creative to attract more fans and friends.

20. Custom Anime

Custom Anime

As the name suggests, it allows you to create your own anime character. Here, you can customize the whole body part and add some accessories like tattoos, guns, knives, weapons, jewelry, text bubbles and more. Save your design online and share it with your friends.

19. Planet Creation


Planet creation offers a quick flash tool to create funny and cool avatar. It is not packed with huge options but you can play with all necessary facial parts and accessories. 

18. Pocoyo


Creating avatar with pocoyo is dead simple. You just need to select the face color, shape, eye, hair style, clothes and other options in such a way that resembles you as much as possible. You will be able to put hat and other fashion accessories on your avatar.  

17. 3d avatar Store

3d avatar Store

It’s an automated 3d avatar creation service based on photo to geometry 3d reconstruction technology. You can export avatar for commercial or non-commercial use. The WebAPI offers 3d avatar creation and animation support within your own software. Moreover, it features Geometries identical topologies and packed with over 100 animation channels. 

16. Mess Dudes

Mess Dudes

Mess dudes is a small and interesting anime builder that lets you create and customize your own buddy icon from head to toe. There are lots of funky accessories to play with. You can download your final work for free.

15. Anime Avatar Creator by Dress Up 24/7

Anime Avatar Creator by Dress Up 24-7

The site provides a small and simple flash tool to make an anime avatar. It features tons of apparels, different facial expressions and combination of hairstyle to suit your mood and personality. Make it what you look like or what you want to look like, it’s totally up to you.

14. Avatar by South Park Studios

Avatar by South Park Studios

Now you can create avatars on South Park Studios website, for free. It gives you hundreds of avatar to select from, or you can simply generate one using a random button. The randomly generated avatar can further be modified and saved.

13. Build Your Wild Self

Build Your Wild Self

Go wild with this web-tool! Create your unique and weird avatar by adding a few animal parts to yourself. Here you can alter eyes, mouth, clothes, ear, face, arms, bottom, tail, background and more. The background sound effect makes it even more interesting.

12. Befunky


Befunky can be used to adjust the color, saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness of any cartoon or non-cartoon character. It offers a simple and quick photo editor with hundreds of effects. You can unlock advanced features by buying a premium version (starts at $4.95).

11. Avachara


Avachara allows you to build and customize an anime avatar character from head to toe. You can alter different parts including face, nose, mouth, hair, eyebrow, add clothes and numerous accessories like glasses, goods, pets and icons. 

10. Mangatar


Mangatar lets you select or create attractive avatars with full customization. Here you can modify random faces and make them yours. The site gives you option to play with necklaces, eyeglasses, tattoos, gadgets, masks, hair, logo, clothes, background and more. Save and download your final work and use it anywhere.

9. Voki

Tools to Create your Avatar - Voki

Voki allows you create or modify the character by tweaking mouth, eye, skin, clothes, hair and more. The unique feature of this website is, you can give voice to your character, either by recording or putting text. You can publish and share your final work with friends.

8. MadMen Yourself

MadMen Yourself

MadMen is an interactive free service to create a customized character. The flash application takes some time to load (2 min), but it’s really worth to try it. You can save and share your work online.

7. Joystick Mii Character

Joystick Mii Characters

Create funny and interesting character face within few clicks. The site gives you various modification options to make the character your own doppelganger. The application is totally free; enjoy.

6. Avatar Face Maker – by Manga

Avatar Face Maker

This is a nifty flash application for creating an anime avatar, featured on Manga.com. It is created by Georgina Thomas from Australia. You are free to play with numerous facial features and accessories. When done, save your work as .png or .gif (200*200 px).

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5. Pic a Face

Pic a Face

A modern web tool with over 550 design features specially crafted for you. It allows you to recreate your avatar without starting from the scratch. You can purchase the high resolution of your avatar for $1.49. Moreover, you can connect to friends, post messages, like their avatar or comment on them.

4. Second Life

Second Life

Second life allows you to create and customize a 3d version of yourself. Just select your ready-to-wear avatar during registration and further customize your look by adjusting the avatar’s height, shape, size and more. You can choose unique outfit, animations and more from thousands of shops. 

3. WeeWorld Avatar Creator


It’s a free avatar generator where you can create your own WeeMee character. The web tool gives you hundreds of options to make your avatar attractive. You can select face, hairstyle, tops, bottoms, eyewear, head wear, food, drinks and accessories.

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2. Bitstrips


With Bitstrips, you can generate an entertaining and dynamic visual identity that lets you express yourself in a way that words cannot capture. You can customize the facial look, body shape, create comic with your friends and share it on social networking sites.  

1. My Blue Robot

My blue robot

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Create your own avatar with new my blue robot avatar builder. It has a decent interface that helps you to get work done within few minutes. You can choose from various combinations of face, eye, hair, clothes and background. It supports unlimited color and useful operation like forward/backward, magnify and more. You can download the PNG version of your avatar of maximum 400*400 px size. 

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  • […] 20 Quick Web Tools to Create your Avatar – In an online … and interesting anime builder that lets you create and customize your own buddy icon from head to toe. There are lots of funky accessories to play with. You can download your final work for free. 15. Anime Avatar … […]

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