Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2014

3D printing technology or additive manufacturing is a process of making a three dimensional solid objects using over hundred materials including metal and nylon. The technology has been founded in 1980s but available commercially in 2010s. A 3D printer needs a file, computer aided design file that is created by the 3D modeling program. It creates a three dimensional object by building it layer by layer until the object is complete. It can be used for making any models, manufacturing prototype and end user products. The following printers are listed according to the impact, reliability, ease of use and performance. Enjoy the list of Top 10 Best 3D Printers in 2014.

10. Solidoodle 2

Solidoodle 2Photo credit: flickr

Solidoodle is a 3D printer company founded in September 2011 and headquartered in New York. All four Solidoodle printers are priced under $1000 and have a protective steel shell. The Solidoodle 2 can print objects of up to 6x6x6 inches. It can print high-definition objects with layer height of 0.1 mm. The company launched its fourth generation printers in November 2013.

9. Cube 3D

Cube 3D 1Photo credit:  tctmagazine

The Cube 3D printer is limited to printing small objects but it can print a huge variety of things. The main features of the printer are easy to set and use and provides decent quality. It can print object to maximum size of approx 5.5 inches. It is capable of printing 10 different shades at a time. The printing time depends upon size and it takes around 3 hours to print an iPhone case.

8. Phoenix 3D Printer

Phoenix 3D Printer is the perfect 3D printer for students and families. It can print objects of up to 24×21.5×20 cm in dimension. It has one of the lowest costs per cubic print area in the 3D printing industry. It has a unique feature of print recovery mode that allows pausing the printing in middle and rewinding it. It also reduces the wastage of print materials.

7. RoBo

robo 3dPhoto credit: 3ders

The RoBo printer uses Fused Filament Fabrication technology to print any object. The printer is open sourced means that all the details can be found online and you can even build your own printer. It prints objects in layers as thin as 100 microns. It can build objects of maximum size of 25x20x25 cm in dimension.

6. iRapid Compact

iRapid Compact printer is designed to be easy to operate and maintain due to its rack and pinion mechanism. Rack and pinion mechanism is used as a part of linear actuators that creates motion in a straight line. The printer prints at a rate of up to 0.8 cm per second and layers as thin as 0.25 mm. It prints with only one color at a time. The starting price of iRapid Compact printer is $1000.

5. Up Plus 2

up plus 2Photo credit: 3dprintingsystems

The Up Plus 2 features excellent support options with PLA and ABS printing. It can print very small objects at very slow speed. It can print objects under 5.3×5.5×5.5 inches in dimension. It allows you to connect through SD card, Wi-Fi, USB. The limitation is it can print with one color at a time. The price of the printer is around $2000.

4. ORD Bot Hadron 3D Printer

ORD Bot Hadron 1Photo credit: Wikipedia 

ORD Bot Hadron is very affordable and easy to manufacture for DIY users. It uses 0.35 mm nozzle and 1.75 filaments which are often used in low-cost 3D printing. It can print objects of 8.5×8.5×7.9 inches, although it prints objects in single color at a time. It is available within $400.

3. Cubify CubeX Trio 3D Printer

CubeX is a great 3D printer for large models and PLA or ABS prints. It has a major advantage over other 3D printers that it can print as large as 10.7×10.7×9.5 inches. Also, it has the capacity to print objects as big as a basketball. It has recyclable plastic cartridges and creates inspiring prints of professional quality. Only Cubify filament cartridges are compatible with the CubeX, so you never able to use universal cartridges.

2. Airwolf 3D Printer

Airwolf  1Photo credit: wikimedia commons

Airwolf is fully calibrated 3D desktop printer which is available in nine different colors. It can print objects up to 12x8x7 inches. It supports both ABS and PLA print modeling. The printer uses 3 mm universal cartridges because Airwolf is not supported by filament cartridges.

1. MakiBox

MakiBox 3DPhoto credit: flickr

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MakiBox is one of the world’s most affordable 3D printers with a construction price of $200. It has a printing dimension of 15 cm wide x 11 cm deep x 9 cm tall. This printer is considered as one of the best 3D printers for beginners. The printing speed is around 60-80 mm/second. The only limitation is, it can’t print very small objects with high quality.

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