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You might have heard this name before; GOOGLE. Even a 4 year child knows about it. Now it has become a huge name. Billions of people are associated with this, either directly or indirectly. The company was founded by two PhD student Larry page and Sergey Brin. It began in January 1996 as a simple search engine project and we all know where it is right now. Google has more than one million servers worldwide. The article is about the best product released by Google. Google engineers are trying very hard to make our life better and simpler. All these Google products are compatible with almost all kind of platform such as PC(s), Smartphones, tablets etc. and they publicly deliver the coolest and most efficient products (most of them are open source). Here is the list of 10+ Best products made by Google that includes both present and future products. Have a look Best Product by Google

11. Google Docs

Google Docs is nothing but an online site very much similar to Microsoft office all you need is a PC and an internet connection. It’s a free service that enables user to save their data online and access the same from anywhere and any system. You can store upto 10 GB of data (for one account). Now the extension of Google Docs is replaced by Google drive (2012).

10. Google Translate


Google Translate is a service which helps billions of people to communicate or interact with each other. No more need for any tuition class to learn a language. All you have to do is write a word and select a language you wanna convert to.  That’s all, you get what you wanted. Although it has one limitation that it cannot convert the whole sentence accurately. It’s a free service and able to convert 64 different languages.

9. Blogger

Blogger is one of those products which enhance the writing skill of millions of users. Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs (1999) and bought by Google in late 2003. It provides power to each individual to write their own content and share it with the world. Unlike WordPress, it can’t be installed on a server. It is available in 20 different languages to bloggers. The best thing is it’s a free service that had made a lot of first time writers thinkers and artists.

8. Google AdWords

What is the source of huge Revenue? How their company worth millions? The answer is Google Adwords. This is the main source of Google’s revenue. The method is simple and includes publishing of ads on different quality websites in return of some profit. Their total advertising revenue was 42.5 billion in 2012. Not only Google, but publisher showing ads on their websites also gets benefits.

7. G+


Google plus is a social networking site launched on 28th June 2011 by Google in order to give a tough competition to Facebook. As usual, it is integrated with your gmail and other Google product accounts. Moreover, search engine results sometimes are quite based on your plus and circle. G+ is currently the 2nd largest social networking sites after Facebook with more than 540 million active monthly users. If you are on G+, you might have noticed that there is a huge difference between Facebook users and G+ users. Google plus users seems professional, quite a geek, business oriented and technical guys.

6. Google Map


Don’t even dare to compare it with apple maps. The most important thing about Google Map is Accuracy. It was first introduced in 2005 and since then it has revolutionized the way of finding locations. It’s completely free and no stupid sign up or any kind of registration (optional) is needed to use it. You can simply walk on street of London or explore any other place, without leaving the comfort of your room. Recently on keynote Google announced the feature that provides you the 3d view of the whole Earth.

5. Android

AndroidImage credit: intomobile

If you have a Smartphone in your pocket, then you definitely know about this one. Android is primarily designed for touch screen Smartphones and based on Linux operating system. The android was developed in 2005 and first Android phone was sold in 2008. It is open source and Google releases under Apache License. Approximately one million apps are available on android. It is a most popular and learning platform for developers. Recently it was announced for Apple phones on Google’s KeyNote 2013.

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4. Google Chrome


The aim was to generate the simple and fast browser and Today Google Chrome is among the best Browsers in the world. It was launched in 2008 (for Microsoft Windows). In less than 5 years, the browser has gained 35% of the market and now available in 53 different languages. Technically, it is written assembly, python, C++, Java and Javascript. The majority code of chrome is open source.

3. YouTube


YouTube is a video sharing site with a tag line Broadcast Yourself.  It was owned by Google in late 2006 and introduced some extra features through which user can share, view or upload a video. It requires Adobe Flash player and HTML 5 technology to display a video. Most of the content is uploaded by individual and enables billions of users to access the video at one platform. It is responsible for streaming around 4 billion videos everyday.

2. Gmail


Gmail changed the way of storing, viewing and sending emails. It was launched on 1st April 2004 (beta version) and made available to the public in 2007. Currently, Gmail has 430 Million users and available in 54 languages. It also contains a much less number of spams as compared to yahoo or hotmail. Gmail provides more than 15Gb of data for storage per account.

1. Google search


And of course the number one position goes to Google Search. It is basically a web search engine owned by Google Inc. The order of web search result is based on the PageRank algorithm (developed by co-founder of the google Larry page) and other factor like quality of inbound or outbound links, word counts, keyword density etc and written in C and C++ language. The exact number of web page Google indexes is unknown. It is most used search engine in the world and gives you the most relevant information about each word you type in the search box.
The search engine has become really smart in a last few couple of years with the help of integration of advanced algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Top Heavy and many more.

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Google Products for Publishers and Advertisers

Webmaster Tool


Google webmaster tool is a free service for website owners. It allows millions of publishers to check index status, submit sitemap, check robot.txt file, crawl rate, duplicate pages, internal external or broken links, keyword searches and click through rate. It is considered as the most important and primary tool for almost all publishers. From here, you can let Google know about your website and receive notification from Google for manual penalties like web spam, low quality content or hacked site.


Google AdSense allows publishers to serve text, video, image or interactive ads. It’s a cost per click and cost per thousand impression network that gives 68% of generated revenue to the publishers. It is currently the most reliable and highest paying ad network in the internet market. Google earns more than 22% of total revenue from AdSense service.

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Google Analytics-Tools for Tracking Website Visitors

It’s a popular and advanced web analytic tool that measures the number of visitors on sites, where they came from, what they are looking on your site, how much time they are spending on your website and much more. It tells you almost everything about your visitors that help you to understand and modify your site content and structure.

Google Trends

Google trends - Best Products by Google

Google trends is a service that allows you to check how popular search keywords over time on Google search engine. This tells you about trending news and what people are interested in. See the worldwide data or filter the results according to location, time and category. Google Hot Trends tells you about the hottest searches on Google on an hourly basis. Moreover, you can also compare the volume of searches of two or more terms.

Future Products

Google Glass

Google GlassImage credit: wikimedia

It’s a wearable head mounted display developed by Google. You can consider it as a hands free smartphone where all commands are given by voice and the display has 480p quality . It is still being developed and not available in all countries for commercial use yet.

Key features:

  • Fully voice controllable
  • A touch pad to control the device
  • A camera that can capture 720p video
  • Free third party applications are available

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Driveless Car

Google Driverless car

Image credit: wikimedia

We all have heard about this, Google is working on self-driving car. The project is being led by former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Sebastian Thrun. The autonomous car is equipped with 64 beam laser, light detection and ranging system that worth around $150,000.

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There are still many problems like it can’t run on roads covered with snow or in heavy rain. The robotic car can’t recognize temporary traffic and unable to navigate through parking lots. Also, sometimes it goes too slow while crossing 4 way stop due to extra precaution and safety in algorithms. So, do not expect this machine in the market before 2020.

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