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Blogging Tips and Tricks to make an Excellent Blog

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You might familiar with the definition of term BLOG – “Personal informational site published on the World Wide Web containing discrete contents (post)“.

Advantages of Blogging

  • Improves your Writing Skills as well as way of interaction with your audience
  • Simplest way to join online communities
  • You can build your own network and trust online
  • And of course if your blog is popular, you can earn a lot.

But there is one negative thing i.e. you have to give some time to improve yourself in blogging world. If you are a beginner then it might be difficult and confusing for you but believe me once you grab it, the same task becomes an element of fun as well as a source of income. The very first thing you want from your blog is Visitors. Without traffic your blog is just like an empty playground. This article is for beginners (and webmasters too) that will tell you How to get quality visitors, Where you are making mistakes and the area of your Improvement. Let have a close look at 10 Blogging Tips and Tricks (Level => BASIC) to make an Excellent blog. 

Blogging Tips and Tricks to make perfect blog

10. Keep it short and Informative

Your content should be short, in simple language and accurate. Your visitor will trust and like you and if you write what they want. Read your blog after writing and ask yourself

  • Is it interesting
  • Don’t you feel it requires some modification
  • Is it answering all the question user is searching for
  • Are you satisfied with it

9. Add Media

Try to make your article attractive by adding compelling images, sound-clips and videos wherever required. But remember this will also affect your page load time. So try to add media in appropriate amount only. Also be very careful about the internet images you are going to add on your website.
Follow these Image Optimization Tips

8. Update Regularly

If you want your blog to be successful, be consistent with it. Update posts and stuffs regularly. This will maintain your readers’ interest on your website and they visit daily to see new things.
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7. Think About your Layout

It will be great if your layout is responsive and according to your subject. Header, subheading, footer space, quotes, spacing should not be underestimated. You can attract lots of visitors if your website looks and feels good.
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6. Let People know

Publish your blog post information on social networking and forum sites to generate TONs of traffic. If your blog is good enough, the returning visits definitely will increase once your blog gets noticed. We all know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, pinterest etc. If you are active on any of these sites than sharing your article regularly will help you a lot. People who love to read fresh content but unable to find your site in search engines will get you directly through Social Networking Sites.

5. Encourage comments

encourage comments

Don’t close down comment feature. A comment is like a review about your site. You get to know whether people like it or not. Make easy for readers to comment on your page. Readers don’t want to jump through hoops. We recommend you not to use captcha or other unnecessary boxes and let anyone comment on your blog (Don’t approve spam as they push down the status of your site). It is important to respond on comments politely.

4. Make it Search Engine Friendly

You need to learn some SEO tips and tricks to get organic traffic (traffic from search engines). Focus on your title, meta description and keywords. We recommend you to use unique keywords, title and relevant description about your article.
An example of this article, we have filled the
Keyword => “Blogging Tips and Tricks”
Title          =>  “Top 10 Blogging Tips and Tricks to make an Excellent Blog– 3Rank”

You may also use Google Adwords Keyword tool to find which keyword can get a large amount of traffic and thus you get a rough idea of keyword you should target for your post. The best method to make your blog search engine friendly is: Write for Your Readers.
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3. Link your Blog

Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia is always on top of search engine whenever you search for specific topics? Why it is the most popular encyclopedia on the internet? Because the site has numerous useful internal linking known as inbound links. You may find a large number of related topics on a single page. You must have inbound links within your website

2. Know your audience

Write according to your audience. For example if you are from India and getting 80% of visitors from U.S.A, then try to write more interesting article related to U.S.A. Always be creative with what you are writing. All readers expect your blog to be impressive.

1. Add Unique Content

Make your content different

Write what you love or love what you write. Try to add an x factor to your blog that can’t be found on other. The content should be unique: remember Search engine loves quality and unique contents, so try to update your site regularly with meaningful stuffs. Never copy text or any media from other sites.
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Never Give Up

do not quit

The search engine takes a lot of time to index a new website and their content. It’s worth to wait and in the meantime, you should continue to add quality content regularly and keep it up to date. You must be thinking how much time does it take to get indexed on Google or other search engine properly. Well no one can answer this question because companies keep their algorithm secret and update it regularly. So it may take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even one year. Keep calm and have patients you will definitely get the fruitful result after some time. We recommend you to wait for 2 months and in the meantime keep adding original contents.

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