Top 10 Countries With Best Metro Service

Metro train is the best mean of transportation in the world after airline services. It is a very complicated transit rapid rail train system. The Metro system is an electric passenger transport system which provides high quality of service and which is independent of other traffic such as road or pedestrian. The Metro train service started in London in 1863 and now there are about 188 metro train systems in 54 countries around the world. But do you know which country has the best metro service? If you don’t, read the following list of Top 10 Countries with Best Metro Service. 

10. Italy

Italy metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

First metro system in Italy started in Rome in 1955. Milan metro is the longest metro in Italy with a total track length of 92 kilometers and a total of 101 stations. It has a daily ridership of 1.15 million. Milan is the second city to have a metro system after Rome. Other metro systems are at Brescia, Catania, Genoa, Naples and Turin.

9. Russia

Russia metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

Metro system started in Moscow in 1935 with 11 kilometer track and 13 stations. It was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. Now the Moscow Metro has 188 stations with the total track length of 313 km. Moscow has the World’s second most heavily used metro systems. The facility is also available in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg.

8. India

India metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

Metro train started in India at Kolkata in 1984. It has only one line with 24 stations. The Delhi metro system started on 24 December 2002. It consists of six lines with a total track length of 193 km. This is the best metro system in India. It has been certified by UN as the first metro rail system for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are also many metro systems in India including Namma metro in Banglore and Chennai mass rapid transit system in Chennai.

7. France

France metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Metro system started in Paris on 19th July 1900. It has 303 stations with the total track length of 214 km. Paris metro is the second busiest metro system in Europe after Moscow. It carries around 4.2 million passengers a day. The system expanded quickly until the First World War and reached saturation after Second World War II. In France, the other metro system located in Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Toulouse, Marseille.

6. Germany

Germany metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

The first metro system in Germany started in Berlin. The metro system is divided into two, underground rail and city fast railway. The underground railway system opened in 1902 and now it serves 170 stations with a total track length of 152 km. It carries over 400 million passengers a year. The Berlin S Bahn started in 1924 and it has 166 stations with a total route length of 332 km.

5. Japan

Japan metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

Tokyo metro system is the first metro system in Japan opened in 1927. It is divided into three sections-Yamanote line, Tokyo metro and Toei subway. It consists of 179 stations with the total track length of 195 km. Most of the Japan’s population depends on the service of the metro rapid rail. Other metro system located in Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto and Yokohama.

4. China

China metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

The first Metro system of China started in Beijing in 1971. It has 270 stations and 456 km of track making it the third longest metro system in the world. It carries an average 10 million rides every day. The Shanghai metro system has 303 stations with the total route length of 468 km. It is the second longest metro system in the world after Seoul

3. South Korea

South Korea metroPhoto credit: wikimedia

In South Korea, Seoul subway is the world’s longest subway system by route length. It was opened on 15 August in 1974 that has 397 stations with the total route length of 526 km. The world’s first virtual mart for smartphone user opened at Seolleung station in 2011. All lines use the RFID and NFC technology for automatic payment by smart card, mobile phones or credit cards.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom matro servicePhoto credit: wikimedia

The world’s first metro system started in London in 1863. It has 270 stations with the total track length of 402 km. It carries around 3.2 million passengers every day. Most of the total population depends on the metro service. In 2012, 91 % of the operational expenditure is covered by passenger’s fares.

1. United States

United States metro - Countries With Best Metro ServicePhoto credit: flickr

New York City subway is the world’s largest metro system with a total number of 468 stations started in 1868. It is one of the oldest public transit systems with a total track length of 337 km. Moreover, New York City subway is the busiest rapid transit rail system in the United States. In 2012 the subway delivered 1.65 billion rides with the average of 5.4 million rides on weekdays.

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  • I think it was disgusting that Spain was not in this list. Madrid and Barcelona’s metros alone are much more worthy than India, no brainer there. Aside the aforementioned cities, Valencia,Bilbao and Gijón have extensive metro/commuter rails. Madrid’s metro is second in size in the EU, third in Europe,if we include Moscow.