Top 10 Famous Inventions By Women

May be the necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout the history of the 21st century there are many famous women inventors who have played an important role in the world of innovation. Numbers of women are increasing linearly in the field of discovery and inventions. According to the statistics, in the 20th century, only ten percent of all patents were belonged to females. It’s not like that women don’t have creativity, in most countries women have to face many problems in receiving credit for their ideas. It wasn’t too easy to get patents and your credit but many women get their patents and applauded for their creations. In the following list, you will see 10 famous inventions by women.

10. Ruth Handler – Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll - Famous Inventions By WomenPhoto credit: flickr

Ruth Handler was a businesswoman and inventor of the “Barbie Doll”. She was born on 4th November 1916 in Denver, USA. She starts working in the Douglas Aircraft Company as the sales force. Her husband and one of his business partners formed a company, Mattel to manufacturer picture frames and dollhouse furniture. Later she worked on the design of the doll, Barbie and named her after her daughter’s name, Barbara. She invested a lot in television advertising and this idea rocked the Mattel Company to fame. After some time, they add a friend for Barbie doll named Ken. She died of cancer in 2002 but the marketing value of Barbie doll never topples.

9. Mary Anderson – Windshield Wiper

windshield wiperPhoto credit: wikimedia

Mary Anderson was an American real estate developer and inventor of windshield wiper. On a frosty day in the winter of 1903, she noticed that a driver had difficulty to see through the windshield. After few days, she invented an automatic windshield but at that time cars were not so popular. In 1922, Cadillac adopts them as their standard equipment. Most of the people don’t know her but millions of people around the world used her invention every day.

8. Patricia Bath – Laser Removing Cataract

cataract lensesPhoto credit: wikipedia

Patricia Bath was born on 4th November 1942 in New York. She holds four patents in the United States for the Laserphaco Probe. She invented a method which improves the use of lasers to remove cataract lenses. She is the first African-American female doctor to have a patent in the medical field. This method of removing cataracts is widely used around the world. Now she owned the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness in Washington D.C.

7. Marion Donovan – Waterproof Diaper

DiapersPhoto credit: wikipedia

Marion Donovan was an American inventor, born on 15th October 1917 in Indiana. One day, she was tired of changing her daughter’s diapers and came up with an idea to create a waterproof diaper. She developed the first waterproof disposable diaper. She has four patents for only diaper cover and total 20 patents from 1951 to 1996. She began to sell diapers in the market but she failed. Two years later, her patents were sold for $1 million to the Keko Corporation.

6. Roberta Williams – Game Designer

King QuestPhoto credit: flickr

Roberta Williams is a video game designer and co-founder of Sierra Entertainment. She and her husband created a game, Mystery House in 1980 which became the first graphical adventure game. She took retirement in 1999 but a source states that she was working on a social network game, Odd Manor. She is most famous for her adventure game, the King’s Quest series. Many popular gaming magazines placed her in the list of the most influential game designers of the eighties and nineties.

5. Bette Nesmith Graham – Liquid Paper

Liquid PaperPhoto credit: wikipedia

Bette Nesmith Graham (also known as Bette Claire Graham) was an American artist and inventor of liquid paper. She starts working as a secretary at Texas Bank and to make extra money she starts painting holiday window in the bank. She used tempera water based paint for the painting correction and makes some improvement with the help of her son’s chemistry teacher. Five years later, she began her own company and named it, liquid paper. In 1979, she sold the company to the Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million. At that time, the product was widely used across the nation.

4. Erna Hoover – Automatic Telephone Network

Automatic Telephone Switching NetworkPhoto credit: wikipedia

Erna Hoover is an American mathematician, born on 19th June 1926 in New Jersey. She worked at Bell Labs for 32 years and was the first women supervisor of technical department at Bell Labs. Few sources claimed that she invented an automatic telephone switching network which transformed the modern communication. This helps the system in peak hours by prioritizing tasks. She also has a patent for her work and selected as a member of the National Inventor Hall of Fame in 2008.

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3. Grace Murray Hopper – Mark 1 Computer

Mark 1 computerPhoto credit: wikipedia

Grace Murray Hopper was a computer scientist and ranked rear admiral in the United States Navy. She was one of the teammates who programmed the Harvard Mark 1 computer. She also developed the first compiler for programming language. She marketed the machine language which later revolutionized COBOL, a programming language. She received many awards for her contribution to the nation including National Medal of Technology and computer science man of the year in 1969.

2. Stephanie Kwolek – Kevlar (Bulletproof Jacket)

KevlarPhoto credit: wikipedia

Stephanie Kwolek is a popular chemist who invented Kevlar (also known as poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide). She developed Kevlar at DuPont in 1964. Because of its high tensile strength Kevlar is used in bicycle tires to body armor. It is five times stronger than the steel and used as many other applications including smart phone, household items and turbine engine. Her research work made her the fourth women in the National Inventor Hall of Fame.

1. Hedy Lamarr – Frequency Hoping

spread spectrum and frequency hoppingPhoto credit: wikimedia

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Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian actress, born on 9th November 1914 in Vienna. She co-invented the technique for spread spectrum and frequency hopping with a composer, George Antheil. Both the techniques are used widely to secure wireless communication and make the system immune to interference and noise. She revolutionized the wireless communication systems in all over the world. These inventions became one of the famous inventions by women. She also got fame and popularity in the film industry and won many national awards.

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