10 Fastest Steel Roller Coasters for Thrilling Experience

Everyone loves the feeling of thrill or excitement and roller coaster is the best way to get it. Many people go to the amusement parks to get unforgettable and thrilling experience of speed. The trend of Roller coaster was started in the late 18th century. Now, with addition in technology and engineering design many popular, latest, advanced and mega roller coasters have been constructed. All the 10 fastest roller coaster is made of steel and most of them reach/exceed 100 MPH. Everyone rates them on numerous factors such as the number of turns, height of the drop and speed, so this is difficult task to choose the world’s best roller coaster. But we have done it for your next holiday! Scroll down for the list of 10 Fastest Steel Roller Coasters.

10. Goliath

Fastest Steel Roller Coasters-goliath Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

The Goliath is located at the six flag magic mountain in California. This roller coaster is manufactured by Giovanola in 2000. It is 72 meters in height with total track length of 1400 meters. Its capacity is 16600 rides per hour and the maximum speed is 137 km/h. It also includes a camel like humps which makes it entertaining too. The estimated construction cost is $30,000,000.

9. Intimidator 305

Intimidator 305Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Intimidator 305 is a steel roller coaster manufactured and designed by Intamin. It is one of the tallest roller coasters in the United States with 93 m in height and total track length is 1600 meter and the construction cost was $25,000,000. The capacity of this roller coaster is 1350 rides per hour at the maximum speed of 140 km/h.

8. Leviathan

Leviathan Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

The leviathan is designed and manufactured by Bolliger and Mabilard in 2012. It is the fastest roller coaster in Canada. It is 93 m in height with the total track length of 1672 meters and overall construction cost was around $28,000,000. It has 3 trains (32 rides per train) running at the top speed of 148 km/h. They launched the first rider auction and it rose over $40,000 which was later, donated to the Hospital for sick children.

7. Millennium Force

Millennium Force 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons


Millennium Force is built by Intamin in Cedar Point Park in United States in 2000. It has 94 meter height, top speed of about 150 km/h and the track length of 2010 meters. The construction cost was about $25,000,000. It has the capacity of 1600 rides per hour (one ride of 2.20 minutes). The roller coaster contains 3 trains with nine cars and the maximum vertical angle is 80 degree.

6. Steel Dragon 2000

Steel dragon 2000 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Steel Dragon 2000 is manufactured by D.H Morgan Manufacturing in 2000. It is built on Nagashima Spa Land in Japan. Its track length is 2479 meters and the height is 97 meters. Its capacity is 1050 rides per hour with the maximum speed of 153 km/h. After an accident it was closed in 2003 and reopened after three years.

5. Tower of Terror II

Tower of Terror 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Tower of Terror is located in the Dreamworld Park in Australia. It was manufactured by Intamin in 1997 and the first roller coaster to reach 100 MPH. The estimated cost of construction is $16 million. Its height is 115 meters and the track length is 376 meters. The coaster accelerates from 0-161 km/h in just 7 seconds.

4. Dodonpa

Dodonpa 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Dodonpa is manufactured by S&S Worldwide and located at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Japan. It is just 52 meters in height but its top speed is 172 km/h. It accelerates up to its top speed in just 1.8 seconds. It has the G force of 4.3 G that means it is 4.3 times faster than the acceleration due to gravity, even the astronaut experiences only 3 G.

3. Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Top Thrill Dragster is built by Intamin at Cedar Point Park, United States in 2003. Its height is 130 meters and the track length is 850 meters. It accelerates from 0-120 MPH in just 3.8 seconds and has the maximum speed of 190 km/h. You may complete the first round in just 17 seconds. Total construction cost is estimated about $25,000,000.

2. Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

Kingda Ka is the biggest roller coaster in the world with the height of 139 meters. It has the hydraulic launch system and it was manufactured by Intamin in 2005. It has the track of 950 meters in length and capacity of 1400 rides per hour. It accelerates to its maximum speed i.e. 206 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

1. Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa Roller Coaster 1Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

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Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world, located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is manufactured by Intamin and its maximum speed is 240 km/h. The track length is just 2.2 km and the height of the track is 53 meters. It accelerates to its maximum speed in just 4.8 seconds with G force of 4.8 which literally means it is 4.8 times faster than the acceleration due to gravity.

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