Top 10 Future Innovations For Better Life

Over the last few decades, advancements in technology have made many things possible and real that were hard to imagine a few years ago. Recently, many new innovations in technology are introduced and there are many others that will come soon. Now in the 21st century, 3D printing technology, smartwatches and head mounted gadgets are the trending technology. I am not talking about future innovations in technology like Smartphone, social networking or GPS. In upcoming years, our world will go much farther beyond these technologies. The following list features 10 future innovations for the better life that may come soon before 2050. Here are the future tech innovations that may be available in near future.

10. Underwater Cities

Underwater CitiesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Underwater cities are underwater structures where people can live and do all basic functions such as eating, sleeping and working. There were numerous of experiments has been done on low level since the early 1960s by some government agencies. Some underwater habitats are sub-biosphere, hydrolab, Aquarius, marine lab and many others. Most of these underwater habitats were built by government for few experiments. Now few agencies want to take this on a mega-structure level so that people can live a normal life underwater.

9. Wireless Energy Transmission

Wireless ChargingPhoto credit: macrumors

Wireless charging is already available in the market for only low powered gadgets such as mobile phones and electric toothbrushes. Recently a team of students from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology developed a prototype of a Dipole Coil Resonant System which power up devices up to 4.5 meters. They created a strong magnetic field that is enough to charge up to 40 mobiles at a time from 4.5 meters away. There are few other methods also for wireless charging using laser and microwave. A long way has to go before making it usable to charge every household gadget such as television, computers and electric cars.

8. Next Generation Biofuels

Next Generation BiofuelsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A biofuel is an alternate fuel which is produced from living organisms such as plants and microalgae. This fuel is made by a biomass conversion and it is available in solid, liquid and gas form. Now scientists have come up with the idea of using next generation biofuel which could fulfill the requirement of fuel for automobiles. The biofuel getting popularity due to the rising oil prices. Scientists are hoping to complete a quarter of the world fuel requirement by the year 2050.

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7. Augmented Reality

Google GlassImage credit: wikimedia

Augmented reality is a platform which provides connections of real world environments with augmented or computer generated environment. In this technology, a user sees the perception of reality. Head mounted displays and Smartglasses such as Google Glass are the best examples of augmented reality. It has a wide area of applications in architecture, arts, archaeology, gaming, sports, medical, navigation and military. Some other examples of augmented reality are eye tap, contact lenses, virtual retinal display and spatial augmented reality. There are many augmented devices available in the market and scientists are always trying to invent something new.

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6. Hotels on Moon

Hotels on MoonPhoto credit: Wikimedia

The moon colony is the proposed mission in which permanent human colonies could be set on the moon. Human habitation on planetary bodies other than the earth is one of the ongoing projects and the moon is considered as the most obvious natural expansion after earth. Recent moon exploration indicates that water might be present at the lunar poles on the moon. The polar and equatorial regions are considered as the best places for construction of colonies and this project also has many advantages including low energy needed to send objects into space.

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5. Increase Human Life Expectancy

Increase Human Life ExpectancyPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Life expectancy is the expected years of life lived by human. Every country has their different average life expectancy such as Swaziland has around 49 years and Japan has 82 years. At the time of the Bronze Age and stone stage era, average human life expectancy was around 45 years. In 2010, the world’s average life was 67.2 years. Over the last few centuries, the average life expectancy graph increased by 20% and it is expected that it might hit 150 year life span in future. There are many proposed strategies for life extension including anti-aging drugs, genetic modification, and nanotechnology and many more.

4. Dream Downloads

Dream DownloadsPhoto credit: Flickr

If we could be able to scan the brain activity, then it might be possible to decode the brain patterns. By 2050, it might be possible to monitor the patterns and download the dreams. If this could happen in future, then might be also possible to interlink two person’s dreams or uploading new memories into a brain. There are some designs of the dream downloading machine but nothing is available for the commercial use.

3. Human Clone

Source: Rawstory

Human cloning is the creation of the identical twin of a human being. An American biologist John Craig Venter is known for being the first person to disclose the human genome and synthetic genome. In 1996, he used this process to successfully clone a mammal, Dolly the sheep. After two years, the first hybrid human clone was created in 1998 but the embryo was destroyed after 12 days. The process of human cloning has been prohibited in many countries around the world due to some controversies. This innovation will be used in stem cell therapy which is used to create organs and treat diseases.

2. Domestic Robots

Domestic RobotsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A domestic robot is an autonomous robot that is used for household work. Till now, most domestic robots are simple while others are WiFi enables with some automatic functions. Robotic vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and entertainment robots are also known as domestic robots but I am not talking about these robots. In the future, robots may be fully automatic which is capable of doing all kinds of work. It is very difficult to teach a robot to do human like things and advancements in other technologies have also improved the design of the future robot.

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1. Bionic Eyes

Bionic Contact Lens - Future InnovationsPhoto credit: dailymail

Bionic eyes are visual devices which provide vision to people suffering from partial or complete blindness. Bionic eyes are like a Google glass but features in a contact lens. They are still being developed to provide a better vision for blind people. There are many ongoing projects on bionic eyes including microsystem based visual prosthesis, artificial silicon retina, virtual retinal display and dobelle eye. Bionic contact lenses are one of the most developed technologies in this field. A bionic contact lens has an electric circuit, micro controller silicon chips, wireless information transfer and many other sensors which are sound controllable.

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