10 Most Bizarre Foods in the World

Each country has their own traditional dishes like India’s Shahi paneer, England’s Roast dinner etc. There are some countries that have more unusual delicacies. I don’t know why people around the world love to eat weird things. You will be amazed to see the 10 Most Bizarre Foods in the World and most people eat them. You probably never had eaten any one of these foods but they are popular in their respective countries.

10. Haggis

HaggisPhoto credit: Wikipedia

Haggis is a Scottish dish that contains the internal organs of a sheep including the liver, lungs and heart. These organs are chopped and mixed with onion, spices and mutton fat. Most of the commercial haggis is prepared in a sausage casing rather than an actual stomach. The haggis is available all year in Scottish restaurants.

9. Fried Brain sandwich

Brain sandwich Photo credit: Wikipedia

A Fried Brain sandwich is a sandwich with sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread. This sandwich is still available in the Ohio River valley where the brains now serve on hamburger buns. Cow’s brain over 30 months at slaughter is no longer permitted in human food in the United States due to the mad cow disease. In Spain, beef brains are used in tacos and burritos.

8. Sannakji

SannakjiPhoto credit: Wikipedia

Sannakji is a raw dish of Korea, consist an octopus chopped into small pieces and served immediately. It is only seasoned with sesame oil and sesame seeds, give it a flavor. If you didn’t chew it carefully the tiny suction cups can stick in the mouth and throat. This dish is made only for strong heart person.

7. Fried Spider

Fried SpiderPhoto credit: Wikipedia

In the Skuon town of Cambodia the fried spiders are a special snack and a popular attraction for tourists passing through this town. These tarantula spiders are about the size of a human hand. Most of the people eat only legs but the bravest one eat abdomen also which mainly contain the eggs.

6. Scorpion Soup

Scorpion SoupPhoto credit: Wikipedia

Scorpion Soup is traditionally eaten in southern China. Preparing and eating the scorpion soup can be a dangerous task. They have a woody taste and should be eaten whole except the tip of the tail. Their venom is neutralized by the process of cooking.

5. Tuna Eyeball

Tuna Eyeball Photo credit: Wikipedia

Tuna Eyeball is commonly eaten in china and japan. It is available in most Japanese stores for less than a pound. This dish is served fried with garlic and soya sauce. It tastes like the squid and the eyeball is surrounded by fish fat and muscles.

4. Bats

batsPhoto credit: Wikipedia

This is one of the weirdest foods in the world. Some people in Asia, especially in Thailand like to eat bats. First they are taken alive in boiling water and then the bats are skinned, grilled and chopped into a paste with herbs after which they are ready to be eaten.

3. Stuffed Camel

Stuffed CamelPhoto credit: Wikipedia

A Stuffed Camel is made from a camel, one lamb and twenty chickens. The camel is stuffed with a lamb and the lamb is stuffed with twenty chickens and chickens are stuffed with the mixture of rice and eggs. The whole camel is barbecued on fire. This dish also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest food item.

2. Balut

Most Bizarre Foods - BalutPhoto credit: Wikipedia

Balut is one of the most popular dishes in Philippines. It is a half fertilized duck or chicken embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Baluts are mostly eaten when they are 17 days old, the chick is boneless and not yet really formed. This dish is a weird but rich in protein.

1. Raw Blood Soup

Raw Blood SoupPhoto credit: Wikipedia

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Raw Blood Soup also named as Tiet Cahn is a traditional Vietnamese dish. It contains chicken gizzards and raw duck blood topped with herbs and peanuts. Before served, it is refrigerated then the blood coagulates and the soup has the texture of jelly.

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