10 Most Popular Operating System

What is an Operating System?

It’s just a collection of software that manages the computer hardware and delivers common service to all application programs. In other words you can say that it helps you to use the complex hardware system efficiently and easily.

Types of Operating System

  • Multiuser
  • Real time
  • Embedded
  • Distributed
  • Multitasking

Today we are going to share some of the most intelligent and popular operating system in the world.  Most of them are created by software giant company Microsoft, based on Linux. Find out the rest of the details on our updated list of 10 most popular operating system. The ranking is based on the features as well as how many people are using them.

10. OpenBSD


OpenBSD is the open source Unix like operating system designed for Alpha, i386, MIPS, SPARC 64/32, PowerPC VAX and other. This is the most secure operating system that suffered only two remote attack vulnerabilities in last 11 years. The latest unstable release is OpenBSD 5.4 and available under BSD license.

9. Solaris


Solaris is a computer operating system developed by Sun Microsystems. It is Unix OS written in C programming language. The current version is much more dependent on Oracle technology networks. It uses a common code base and supports symmetric multiprocessing with a large number of CPUs.

8. Fedora


Fedora is a computer operating system based on Linux kernel developed by fedora project and owned by Red Hat. It supports 2 platforms i.e. i686 and x86-64. This software has been placed on 8th number due to its security features that implements a variety of security policies based on Linux security modules.

7. Windows Xp

Windows Xp

Windows Xp became one of the most running and greatest Microsoft’s operating systems (especially due to the failure of vista). Xp is a short form of experience highlighting the enhanced user experience. The software was released 12 years ago with great user interface, gdi+ graphics subsystem, remote desktop features, background intelligence transfer service and much more.

6. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is a Unix like operating system based on Debian. It’s an open source and free software with proprietary components. Ubuntu is designed for personal computers, tablets, servers, Smartphones and smart-TVs. It includes a graphical desktop environment, wide range of software and supports up to 46 languages.

5. Linux


Linux is a superior operating system that can be customized at an extreme level. The operating system is mainly programmed in C and assembly language. It was originally developed as a free source for Intel x86 computers. Now it supports almost all platforms including server, mainframe and supercomputer.

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4. Android


Android is primarily designed for touch screen devices such as Smartphones and tablets. The whole architecture of android is based on Linux kernel and owned by Google in 2005. It is programmed in C, C++ and Java that supports various platforms like 32-bit ARM, x86 MIPS. Most of the shares are led by Samsung i.e. 64% as of March 2013. Around 1 Billion android devices are running, powering 48 billion apps.

3. Mac OS

Mac OS

Mac OS is developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh computer series. It was initially released in 1984 and the current stable version is 10.9 (Build 13A603). The core of the system software is held in ROM and updates are provided free of cost by Apple dealers. The simplicity and feel of Mac differentiate it from others. Moreover, the best thing about Mac is they are more secured as compared to Windows.

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2. Windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system for desktops, laptops, media center PCs and tablets. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation with few advanced new features such as Windows calender, movie maker, photo gallery with updated windows shell and better taskbar. The kernel, booting process, performance on multicore processor was improved. A new version of windows media center, help and support center, gadgets, troubleshooting, control panel, display and window security center has been included.

1. Windows 8

Windows 8-Most Popular Operating System

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Windows 8 is again developed by software giant company Microsoft. The project began before the launch of windows 7. This time the operating system has been made to supports ordinal as well as touch screen devices. Windows 8 introduced with major changes to improve the performance and User interface. These changes include a touch optimized windows shell based on Microsoft metro design language. Complicated task can be accomplished by intuitive touch and simple graphical control. The Windows is now also competing with mobile operating system such as Android and iOS.

Expected Big Release this year: Windows 10

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