Top 10 Nations That Spend the Most in Space Research

Space research and space exploration uses is the most advanced strategy/techniques and it represents the technological development status for each country. There are many space organizations working on space to explore it and to find out the hidden facts. Do you know that billions of dollars spend every year but the question is whether this money brings us any human benefits or not?

Most of us finds it interesting subject but there are lots of people who also think that we spend more than enough in these kinds of activities. The same money can also be spent to solve other big issues of countries. To provide you the balanced information, here are some positive and negative views on space research:


  • It has the potential to discover the compelling facts about space.
  • Make possible to understand our part in a vast universe.
  • It brings a dramatic change to our lives.
  • Space exploration drives the technological innovation.
  • Great for adventure.
  • Most of the technologies we are using today were developed by space agencies.


  • High Risk of astronaut’s life who travels to space
  • Too much money spent on research work.
  • Space exploration does not give us direct benefits.
  • Most of the projects are too expensive and complex.
  • Some projects require decade(s) to get completed.

We present you some developed countries that spends a lot in space exploration. Scroll down to read Top 10 Nations that Spend the Most in Space Research.

Nations That Spend the Most in Space Research

10. Iran


Budget: $500 million

The Iranian Space Agency is Iran’s government space agency. It was founded 9 years ago on 1st February 2004. It became the orbital launch capable nation in 2009 and one of the 24 founding members of the United Nations committee. Iran made a satellite launch vehicle in 2000 including the Shahab 3, Safir SLV, Safie 1B and Simorgh LV.

9. Italy


Budget: $1 billion

Italy has Italian Space Agency established in 1988 to regulate and coordinate space exploration. Early projects of the agencies were carried out/in with the coordination of NASA. Now Italy is a key country involved in space projects as it has been a founder of the European Launcher Development Program and European Space Research Organization.

8. China


Budget: $1.3 billion

The China National Space Administration was established on 22 April 1993. China has many ongoing projects on space such as Tiangong 1, a 9.4 ton space laboratory module launched in 2011 and Chang’e, lunar lander rover scheduled to launch in 2013. Up to now China has signed many space projects with many countries including India, Brazil, France, Germany, Pakistan, Russia and United States.

7. India


Budget: $1.32 billion

ISRO (for short) is the Indian government space agency, stands for the Indian Space Research Organization. It was established in 1969 and their motto is “space technology in the service of humankind.” ISRO has great contribution to space exploration including the India’s first satellite named Aryabhatta.

The agency has conducted various major operations on national as well as international level. They launched first moon mission rocket named as Chandrayaan-1 for moon data exploration.

6. Germany


Budget: $2 billion

The German Aerospace Center is the national center for aerospace, energy and transportation of Germany. It involved in many space projects operated with other space agencies. It was established in 1969 and headquartered in Cologne.

One of the biggest contributions of the German Aerospace Center with the Mars Express Mission is the High resolution stereo camera which was the first digital stereo camera which utilized the extremely high resolution lens.

5. Japan


Budget: $2.46 billion

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is Japan’s national aerospace working agency which was established in October 2003 and headquartered in Chofu (Tokyo). It is responsible for technology development, research works and launch of a satellite into the orbit, asteroid data, moon exploration and many other advanced missions.

It has been successful in many space projects such as X ray astronomy, solar observation and magnetosphere research. Agency’s main motto is one i.e. reaching for the skies, exploring space.

4. France


Budget: $2.83 billion

The French Space Agency is the France’s government space exploration agency. Now it collaborates with other international space agency for other projects. Mainly it concentrates on five major fields of research including access to space, civil application, sustainable development, security and technology research. France is the only country with paid UFO investigators and they have also published their UFO research.

3. European Space Agencies (France and Paris)

Budget: $5.38 billion

European Space Agency (ESA) established in 1975 which is an intergovernmental organization under 20 European states. It has more than 2000 employees and an annual budget of over $5 Billion. Agency’s program includes exploration to another planet, moon, human spaceflight through international space station, science, earth observation, telecommunication, spaceport etc.

The ESA is also responsible for unmanned launches to the Moon and contributed to technology and telecommunication. The Ariane 5 operated thought Arianespace with ESA sharing the cost and further development.

2. Russia


Budget: $5.6 billion

The Russian Federal Space Agency also known as Roscosmos for short is a Russian government space research agency and general aerospace research. It was established in 1992 and some of their major projects are Return to the moon (2014), Return to Venus (2016), GLONASS (group of 24 different satellites for GPS), new weather satellite, Angara launcher, Mars 500 simulation etc.

The Current mission on which agency is working on are Fobos (Mars mission), Luna (Moon orbiter) and Venera (Venus lander). Paying passenger can also avail of the space tourism project after paying a fee of $20 million.

1. United States


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Budget: $17.7 billion

National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the United States government space exploration agency. It was established in 1958 by Dwight Eisenhower and headquarter located in Washington DC. World’s most space research and exploration efforts have been held by NASA including Skylab, Space Shuttle and the most popular Apollo moon landing mission. NASA also has existing investigation to learn more about Mars and Saturn.

The Agency primarily focuses on understanding the Earth by Earth observing system, Exploring bodies of the solar system, astrophysics such as the big bang, advanced robotics mission such as New Horizons. It also shares various experimental information with Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite organization.

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