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These days, tech sector is spreading at an astounding rate. That’s why programming skills are in high demand and no doubt one of the highest paying jobs too. Your resume will get more attention if you are master in any one of these coding skills listed below. The software industry is highest paying sector, making programmers richer as compared to any other profession. The best example is the Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp for $19 billion, which made Brian Acton and Jan Koum billionaire over a night. Try to adapt any one programming language and be creative, who knows what miracles you can achieve in the upcoming years.

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10. Ruby

Ruby is cross platform, reflective, object oriented and open source programming language designed in 90’s by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is influenced by Python, C++, Ada and user-friendly for noobs.

Application: Amazon, Twitter, Groupon, Basecamp.

Start Learning: Tutorialspoint

9. SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language designed for modifying, creating, deleting data and data structure in a Relational Database Management System. It’s a cross platform and an open format language influenced by Datalog.

Application: Oracle relational database management system.

Start Learning: W3schools

8. JavaScript

JavaScript is dynamic, client and server site programming language mostly used as a part of internet browser. It is around 20 years old developed by Brendan Eich and influenced by Java and C. Now the language is trademark of Oracle Corporation.

Application: Desktop and Smartphone apps/games.

Start Learning: Codecademy

7. Python

Python is cross platform high level programming language. The major advantage of using python is its syntax allows the programmer to express a module in relatively less line of codes as compared to C and C++. It supports object oriented, procedural, imperative and functional programming features.

Application: YouTube, Yahoo groups, Reddit, EDF.
Start Learning: LearnPython

6. Objective-C

Objective-C is cross platform, object oriented general purpose language developed by Apple and mostly used in iOS OS X operating system. Developed in 80’s Tom Love and Brad Cox, Initially used by NeXT in NeXTSTEP OS.

Application: Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Apple API.

Start Learning: Tutsplus

5. PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is server site scripting primarily designed for website development. The language is used by more than 244 million websites and 2.2 million web servers. The language is founded in 1995 by Sakhavu Reejesh Pattiam, influenced by Java, C and C++.

Application: Almost all websites on internet, WordPress Content management system and plugins.
Start Learning: PHP.net

4. C#

C# (C sharp) is dynamic, partially inferred language developed by Microsoft. The language supports imperative, declarative, functional, component oriented, generic and object-oriented features. It is based on the syntax and semantics of C++, influenced by Java, Object Pascal Icon and Haskell.

Application: Windows platform and other Microsoft Software.

Start Learning: Tutorialspoint

3. C

C is most popular general purpose programming language designed by Dennis Ritchie in 1973. Many other programming languages has been taken directly or indirectly from C including, Perl, PHP, D, Objective-C, Java, Go, Rust and Python. C compiler supports all modern computer architecture and OS.

Application: System Programming in Modern CPU architecture, Xbox, Playstation series.

Start Learning: Learn-C

2. C++

C++ (C plus plus) is a further extension of C appeared in 1983 and intermediate level language with some additional features. This new version supports Classes, Virtual functions, Inheritance, operator overloading, exception handling, dynamic memory management and much more.

Application: Systems and Application software, High performance server, Video Games.

Start Learning: Learncpp


Java is Most in demand multi-platform, object oriented, class based computer programming language. Most of the syntax is derived from C and C++. Java compiler, class libraries and virtual machine were initially developed by Sun microsystem in 1991.

Application: Client-server web applications, Android OS/Application/Games.

Start Learning: LearnJavaOnline

Other Trending Programming Languages

11. Swift

Swift is created by Apple for OS X and iOS development. It is built with LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) compiler which is designed for Cocoa and Coca touch framework. Swift uses Objective C runtime and allows C, Objective C, Objective C++ and swift code to run within a single program. Moreover, it is designed to be fast, powerful and safe.

12. Go

Go (also called Golang) is a static language developed at Google. Most of the syntax derived from C, adding a large standard library. It is primarily designed for the cloud and applications can be easily complied on a single computer. This language has been adopted by various mid-level enterprises including Docker, nsq, Doozer, Soundcloud, BBC, Dropbox and many more.

13. Dart

Dart is open an source language developed by Google, first appeared in 2011. It is not very hard to learn if you are a JavaScript expert. It relies on source to source compiler to JavaScript. It is primarily designed to build multi developer web apps that JavaScript can’t do alone.

14. Erlang

Erlang is open source functional programming language, first appeared in 1986. It is designed for creating large scale applications. Erlang supports hot swapping which means the code can be changed without interrupting or stopping the system. It is used by various large scale companies including Amazon, Facebook, Whatsapp, Yahoo!, Motorola and many more for connecting millions of users.

15. Ceylon

Ceylon is static, strong typed and high level programming language built by Red Hat. It is more readable and predictable as compared to Java. Ceylon supports language level modularity, first class and higher order functions. You can compile or execute Ceylon programs in Java or JavaScript VM.

16. Scala

Scala is designed for general purpose software applications, introduced in 2003. It has interactive shell and scripting support. You can use the Java library in Scala program, which all runs on Java virtual machine. Scala codes are compatible with Java programs and they also run on Android Smartphones.

17. Opa

Another open source language for developing small as well as large web applications. Opa consists of database, web server and distributed execution engine. The best thing about this language is you need to write the whole application in opa code instead of creating backend database, server and client side components in different languages. The Opa compiler automatically creates the client and server code and also builds the communication system between them. Still, the language hasn’t been adopted by any big Corporate.

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