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There are few unsolved mysteries that still exist today. In the twentieth century human has made some extraordinary and technical advancements. The world is full of mysteries and the human beings always have been in a race to find answers of them. People walked on the moon, discovered the DNA but there are still many things to be revealed. May be someone among us will solve a few of these unsolved mysteries and become a famous scientist in the future. In the following list you will find the Top 10 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries.

10. Extinction of Megafauna

Extinction of Megafauna1Photo credit: wikipedia

Megafauna are the giant animals which were roughly larger than a human and walk on the ground. It includes all the animals such as mammoths and animals from Northern Europe and America which extinct around 10,000 years ago. Few reasons have been suggested behind their extinction, climate change, disease, asteroid impact or over hunting by men. But no one knows the exact reason behind their extinction and this mystery still remains unsolved.

9. Immortality

Immortality1Photo credit: wikimedia

Immortality is the ability to live forever. Some scientists and futurists have stated that the immortality will be achievable in the first few decades of the 21st century. Still humans can’t discover the entire drug for all diseases; the immortality is far away from human imagination. The question is not how we are going to live longer but how we are going to live well longer. The theory behind immortality is still unknown.

8. Consciousness

Consciousness1Photo credit: wikimedia

Consciousness is defined as the awareness, the ability to experience and the control system of the mind. By integrating lots of information we can distinguish between the real and imaginary world that helps us adapt and survive. Scientists are trying to understand what it means biologically and psychologically and determining the neural and psychological relations. No one has proved this yet but few religious ideas of souls seem much more believable.

7. Creating Life

Creating Life1Photo credit: wikimedia

Still we don’t know how life began on earth. An American biologist and geneticist John Craig Venter is known for being the first person to unveil human genome and synthetic genome. In 1996 the process is used to successfully clone a mammal, Dolly the sheep. The first hybrid human clone was created in 1998 but the embryo was destroyed after 12 days. The process of human cloning has raised several controversies and been prohibited in many countries around the world.

6. The Speed of Light

The Speed of Light1Photo credit: flickr

The Speed of Light is the maximum speed at which all mass less particles and light waves in vacuum. Its value is 299,792 km/h. There is some evidence in few theories that we can go faster than the speed of light. The exact theories related to light speed is different what we were thought few decades ago. Some scientists are trying to get closer to the answer.

5. Secrets of Sleep and Dreams

Secrets of Sleep and Dreams1Photo credit: Livescience

According to a report, we spend more than a third part of our lives sleeping. But no one knows why we sleep and why we dream while sleeping. Few theories say that we sleep to take rest. But if rest is the only aim then why does our brain remain at work? There are also several studies that show that learning can’t take place without sleeping. Few theories state that dreaming may be the exercising time for the brain but the exact theory is not unveiled yet.

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4. Travel through Time

Travel through Time1Photo credit: flickr

Everyone wants to travel through time and want to see their future. Some physicists and scientists have prepared an elaborate blueprint for time travelling through wormholes and spaceships. If wormholes can be created, they are same as the size of an atom and disappeared in a small part of time. According to the theory of special relativity by one of the greatest scientists Einstein, if we travel at the speed of light then the time would apparently stop. But the reality is that we can’t achieve speed more than the speed of light.

3. Are We Alone

Are We Alone1Photo credit: wikipedia

Some astronomers asked that the life exists beyond our planet. More stars mean more planets and more chances for life on other planets. In 1977, an unknown radio signal was heard and they predicted that this was an alien signal. Since 1950 many time unidentified flying objects (UFO) has been seen over many countries. But there is no real evidence and identification about them.

2. The Origin of Life

The Origin of Life1Photo credit: wikipedia

The Origin of Life is one of the biggest scientific mysteries which is still not solved. Some scientists estimated that this natural process took place around 3.9 billion years ago. But there are many questions which are still not disclosed. How the first few molecules arranged themselves to resemble life? How the DNA formed? How did the first cell look like and how those cells develop? There are many predictions as some say that life began near hot volcanoes and other says that it was started by meteorites hitting the earth.

1. How Universe Formed

How Universe Formed - Unsolved Scientific MysteriesPhoto credit: flickr

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How universe formed? Astronomers believe that the universe formed about 14 billion years ago, explained in Big Bang theory. There are many unveiled questions related to the evolution of the major constituents of the cosmos. The first question arose that how the universe created its first star and galaxies. Still we don’t know whether the universe created the black holes with stars or these black holes were created by the stars.

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