Top 10 Useless Inventions of All Time

Throughout the world, there are many inventions which changed the human life. Meantime, some things have been created that were unimpressive, irrelevant and pointless. There are many inventions which are considered useless, but actually bought by many people. The Japanese are considered as the most creative people in the world and most of the following products have mass production in Japan and China. We are going to represent Top 10 Useless Inventions of All Time. Here are some for you to preview. Enjoy the list.

10. Toilet Golf

Toilet Golf

If you spend a lot time in office and have no time for entertainment and relaxation, Toilet Golf is for you. It is a true innovation in getting the most out of each trip to the restroom. With this you can play golf without all those bothersome people.

9. Automatic Ice Cream Cone

Automatic Ice Cream Cone

This is invented for lazy and sluggish people. This product is an electronic ice cream cone that will twist the cone for you rather than you have to twist it yourself. If you are idle to twist your wrist then poop your cone inside this automatic ice cream cone and it will do all the work.

8. Portable Chin Rest

Portable Chin RestImage Source

Once upon a time man was a social animal. Do you know that Donkeys, Horse, Elephants and Zebras can sleep while standing up? Most of the time people don’t get a seat in subway metro and this device might be useful for all of them. The portable chin rest is invented so as to reduce neck pain when you are standing for a long time.

7. Swiss Army Gardening Tool

Swiss Army Gardening Tool

The 1o in 1 gardening tool is a giant Swiss army knife. It consists a shovel, rake, ax and trowel amongst other things. After appropriate duration of usage, most of the gardener complains about back pain. It is a multi-use tool but if you want to break your back, use it.

6. Useless Box

Useless box

This is really a useless thing as its name suggests. It is a plain box with an on-off switch on one side. When you turn it on, it automatically turns off. Inside the box there is a robotic lever that turns the switch off and that’s all it does. You can get it for $30.

5. Air Conditioned Shoes

Air Conditioned Shoes

We have all regretted a certain choice of footwear because they made our feet sweaty. And sometimes we wish that we had an air conditioner in our shoes. Well, we don’t have to worry about this anymore; Japanese inventors have created air conditioner shoes. But it has a limitation that it cannot be worn during rainy season. There are also many other ways to keep feet dry without buying expensive air conditioner shoes.

4. Personal Rain Harvester

Personal Rain HarvesterImage Source

Most of the people have not understood the value of water as natural resources yet. An upside down umbrella is designed to collect the raindrops so you can have fresh water on your way. This is a very good idea for personal rain harvesting, but to do it you have to wear this monstrosity on top of your head.

3. Butter Stick

Butter Stick

The butter stick looks just like a glue stick but filled with butter. Now you can glue your bread together with real glue. Is butter too hard to spread or does it takes too much time to melt? For some people it is a cool invention but it is also considered as one of the useless inventions of all time.

2. Baby Mop

Baby MopImage Source

If you don’t want to clean your room again and again, then buys a baby mop for your newborn. Just attach these duster slippers to your baby and he will leave everything clean on his way. You can also buy this for your cat or dog. This could be a great activity for your child to get a nice workout and burn off energy.

1. Head Mounted Toilet Paper

Head Mounted Toilet paperImage Source

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Most of the useless things are created by Japanese inventors, so they name it chindohu. The head mounted toilet paper is one such example. This is fantastic if you have a bad cold. But it looks so weird when you walk in public with a head mounted toilet paper. It looks like you are wearing a shitty toilet paper on your face.

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