10 Killer Ways to get indexed on Google within 24 hours

Whenever you create a new blog or website your first aim is to get readers/visitors. How can you make yourself visible in the dark huge internet forest?  Are you spending a lot of time on

  • Finding the relevant topics
  • Gathering the information
  • Writing lots of contents
  • Making images and optimizing them for SEO

Still didn’t get indexed on Google yet?

Top 10 Ways to get indexed on Google within 24 hours


Why my website or blog/post isn’t appearing on Google search?
How much time would it take to get indexed?
Why my new posts aren’t on Google?
Is there anything wrong with my content or whole website?

Are you suffering from similar problems? Don’t worry, we’ll help you. What’s the next step? Don’t wait for Google to come to your site. Just follow our 10 Ways to get Indexed on Google within 24 hours

Get Social 

10. Share your Website

Sharing your website is a good idea to increase your visitor. Spread your posts among your friends and relatives, if they like your post they might share with others.
Facebook will help you to drive extra traffic towards your site.
Google+ plays an important role. Try to get maximum Google+1 on your blog.
On Twitter, tweet your post and try to mention other people in the tweet.
You can also use Pinterest, Digg and LinkedIn to drive traffic.
Moreover, Google crawlers can easily find you, if you post your article on social sites. Make sure you make it public.

9. Bookmark

Use quality social bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon to spread your website. These links are nofollow, still they will alert the search engines tracking social sites.

8. Setup Your RSS by Feedburner

Feedburner is Google’s web feed management tool which provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers and web based content publishers. Submit your feed with Feedburner by copying your content’s URL or RSS feed URL into the “Burn a feed” area.

Linking Strategy

7. Backlinks

get Quality Backlinks to your BlogPhoto credit: Wikimedia commons

Backlinks are incoming links to your website. You can generate backlinks either by guest posting or commenting on relevant blogs. The more you link to other blogs the more you get visibility on search engine. Remember, don’t comment in excess. There are two types of links Dofollow and nofollow, you must have both on your website in appropriate amounts.

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6. Internal Links

Internal linking is also important to maintain decent page rank and good visibility on search engine. Don’t waste your time in creating unnecessary links.
Some Advantages of internal links

  • Better User Experience
  • Reduce Bounce-Rate
  • Exposure to old content

5. External Links

Your article may include links outside your web which is known as External Link. It is recommended that you should use external links in proper amount (not more than 100 per page) and all your links should direct to Quality Websites. Google page rank is based on ratio of internal and external links, plus quality backlinks. So you should make better use of all these three.

Using Webmaster Tools

4. Sign Up

Google webmaster tool

Google has a tool called Google Webmaster Tool. The tool is specially designed for helping sites to get indexed faster than usual. The service is absolutely free where you can get all specific details about your website.
Sign Up with Google Webmaster Tool

3. Submit Sitemap

sitemap submission

This one is the most important step where you inform search engines about your website. You have to create and submit a Sitemap to Google.
Create your Sitemap
An Example of Sitemap

2. Other Search Engines

Repeat the same process for other search engines i.e. you can submit your sitemap to engines like Yahoo!, Bing etc. to increase your website visibility on internet. Add your URL to as many products as you can.
Submit your site to Google / Bing / Yahoo!

About Your Content

1. Unique Content

All the previous steps are meaningful if and only if your content is awesome and unique. DO NOT WRITE FOR SEARCH ENGINE, WRITE FOR YOUR READERS.

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That’s all. Try these steps and feel free to ask if you have any problem.

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  • Amazing pictures! That is the style of info that you should shared on the internet. Shame on bing for no longer placing this particular blog post increased! Think about it above along with discuss with my internet site. Cheers Implies)

    • Hello Tstone,
      For Yahoo search engine, you need to submit your website to Bing webmaster tool.
      That’s it. There is no separate yahoo webmaster tool.