10 Verified Ways to get Quality Backlinks to your Blog

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a web page or website. In technical terms it is received by a single web node from another web node.

Why Backlinks are important?

Their significance lies in SEO (search engine optimization). They indicate the importance and popularity of page or website. Backlinks are also one of the major factors in determining PageRank (by Google) of your webpage.

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To boost ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) you need to get Quality Backlinks from other high ranking websites. This is one of the best ways to improve your ranking and traffic on website. It’s not difficult or complicated as you think. Just follow the 10 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to your Blog 

10. Take advantage of e-commerce

Does your company/website sell products on ebay or Amazon?  If yes, make sure each product link back to your website or blog. Linking your site to high ranking e-commerce sites is a great idea because they get Millions of views per day and that’s how you can attract descent amount of traffic to your site(s).

9. Interlink your blog posts

Along with the external links, your site should also consist of meaningful INTERNAL links. Make sure that your related post traceable from one to another. After some time, you’ll find that numerous of backlinks within your own site. These links help in reducing bounce rate and maximizing your old content access.

8. Buying backlinks

NEVER BUY BACKLINKS. It can be dangerous as it infringes Google policy and might result in penalization or even permanent de-indexation of your site. We highly discourage you from buying links from any sites in exchange of money. It is better to create links manually.

7. Comment on DoFollow blogs

As we all know there are 2 types of links i.e. nofollow and dofollow. By default WordPress blogs have HTML nofollow attribute on links to prevent link bleed and spammers from inundating their blog with irrelevant comments. On the other hand, Dofollow blogs don’t have these limitations and you can gain a backlink by just commenting on their blogs.

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6. Relationship building

This is the most time consuming part of getting backlink process and also the most effective. You need to aware of what is happening in your respective industry and follow the community or individual who really matters. Create a blog related to your environment and know your audience. Try to generate a strong bond with them and in return you get a good response automatically.

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5. Submit Guest Post

Why to waste time on writing some other blogs?  This is a huge misconception about blogging among newbies. Of course, it will take time, after all you are giving your own content to others but don’t forget this is one of the most effective strategies in getting a link back to your site and build your authority.
Submitting guest post will not help you much according to modern SEO practices. Still, this is the best way to promote your own blog on popular websites.

4. Ask lots of questions

Question-Answers and discussion sites like Yahoo!, Google and other high ranked forums are great areas to drop links. Whenever you ask a question make sure that there is a link to your website on every page and each question. Don’t ask unnecessary question as it degrades respect and status of your site.

3. Linkbaits

Linkbait is a feature within a website that encourages other bloggers to link to your site. The easiest way to create linkbaits is creating a top list of related bloggers or listing commentluv blogs on your site. They like to get noticed, possibly they pay you back with a link to your site. Also, it can help you to create great relationships with other online writers.

2. Update your social bookmark profiles

You must create pages on top social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter, digg, LinkedIn etc. Keep your page or post up to date and make the profile public. This will help you to get links back to your site. Remember; don’t irritate your audience by posting too frequently and repeatable content.

1. Produce high quality content

As we always say CONTENT is the KING. If your blog has quality content written in user friendly language, people will automatically link you.
The higher the quality of content ===> More backlink you will get.

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Varun Kumar

Varun Kumar is an experienced science and technology journalist interested in machines, AI, and space exploration. He received M.tech degree in computer science from Indraprastha University. To find out what his latest project is, feel free to directly email him at [email protected] 

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  • Dear Rahul,
    Excellent research on backlinks. Frankly speaking, buying backlinks could be severe problems for our blogs unless our sites deal on selling. Even there are thousands of ways to get link back to sites; unluckily all are enough tough for new blogs. Simple principle is that quality documents gets backlinks slow and steadily. If we want to make it faster, simply Google will drop PR from search engine. Since it would appear as spamming activities.

  • I don’t think Google should ever drop PR rating from the search engines, as it is a crucial navigational tool. What they should do is simply evolve more and better ways to police spam, to elevate page rank back to where it was maybe 5-6 years ago before news got out that you could make money blogging. Only then will the truly best content prevail.

  • Hi,
    Your post on how to increase backlink is quite informative. You mentioned about the need of backlinks, guest posting etc and I am going to make the best possible use of the tips. Thanks

  • This is the second post I read here and you have really informative stuff. Very well done and to the point. Liked all these tips and the links to other information.

  • Hi Rahul, This is really a great list to build high quality backlinks but Buying Backlink is really good for a site/blog?

    • Nope Don’t even think of buying links. Even many high ranking websites got penalized in 2012 for doing so.