Top 50 High Paying Keywords of Google Adsense 2014-2015

Google Adsense is the best and easiest way to make money online as compared to affiliate and pay per view marketing. All you need is traffic from different regions. This article is helpful for all those bloggers who want to earn more having less amount of traffic. There are few keywords which pays  high Cost Per Click (CPC) rate.

How much Google Adsense pays?

Well, that totally depends on your content. For one click, you may get anything between US $0.01 to US $500. However the average CPC of most of the publishers is under US $1 which is quite impressive. We’ll tell you for what niche you can get highest CPC. Just try to create remarkable content related to below keywords.
Learn How you can create Quality and Effective Content  (SEO skills are mandatory)

High Paying Keywords of Google Adsense 2014

Not only final revenue, but the way how you earn matters the most. Which one is the better option?

  • 50 clicks at cpc rate of $1
  • Or, 2 clicks at cpc rate of $25

The second thing that decides your CPC is Location. Try to target more visitors from

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Sweden

Revenue earned from 1000 visitors from countries like India or Brazil = Revenue earned from 10 visitors from the United States

It’s a common myth that low traffic sites or blog containing less amount of content generates less revenue. Quality should always be your priority over quantity. We present you the list of Top 50 High Paying Keywords of Google Adsene 2014-2015.

S.NoKeywordCPCAvg Searches/MonthCompetition
50Auto insurance VA$55.4490High
49Car insurance in South Dakota$55.6790High
48Donate car for tax credit$56.88170High
47Arizona criminal defense lawyer$58.12210High
46Online college classes$61.001900High
45Online Criminal Justice Degree$67.182,400High
44Car donation Illinois$66.40110High
43Online criminal justice degree programs$70.58170High
42Phoenix criminal lawyer$72.49320High
41Auto insurance quotes$72.9660,500High
40Donate cars in MA$73.0290High
39How to donate a car in California$73.01170High
38Donate a car in Maryland$75.86110High
37Lawyer for auto accident$84.2350High
36Best personal injury lawyer$85.31260High
35Business VoIP$86.342,900High
34Personal Injury Lawyer$87.6318,100High
33Best business VoIP$91.12170High
32Donate your car Sacramento$93.51140High
31Car insurance quotes Utah$94.83170High
30Donate car$95.044,400High
29Car insurance quotes Colorado$97.11210High
28Donate car to charity California$98.77590High
27Personal injury claims$101.915,400High
26Small business VoIP solutions$110.21110High
25Auto accident attorney$116.651,900High
24Truck accident attorney$130.61590High
23Personal injury claim lawyer$150.9790High
22Auto accident injury attorneys$159.0130High
21Motorcycle accident attorney$163.46720High
20Auto accident attorney Los Angeles$165.07170High
19Truck accident attorneys$191.83390High
18Structured settlement quotes$193.59140High
17Denver personal injury lawyer$198.45480High
16Auto accident lawyer Denver$201.24140High
15Accident attorney Denver$211.79110High
14Mesothelioma Law Firm$213.785,400Medium
13Cashing in an annuity$217.4770High
12Michigan auto accident attorney$218.21110High
11Sell annuity payments$224.90260High
10Phoenix accident attorney$260.9470High
9Sell my annuity$275.62260High
8Accident injury attorneys$276.76110High
7Car accident lawyer Denver$279.25210High
6Sell my annuity payments lump sum$312.4820High
5Structured settlement companies$339.56480High
4Structured settlement$356.155,400High
3Sell structured settlement$397.771000High
2Sell my structured settlement$448.38590High
1Selling annuity payments for cash $507.1530High


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We welcome any doubts or other keyword categories you might have. Best of luck for your blog!!

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