5 Most Popular Gadgets Designed By Celebrities

We use numerous gadgets daily but do you ever wanted to know who designed these gadgets. Many celebrities who appeared on screen with all their glam and style could also be spending most of their time in the lab, designing a tech gadget. A singer can be a director at the famous camera company and an actress can provide the raw information for wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi. For some celebrities appearing in ad aren’t enough these days. Now they are getting their names on brands. Some of them are passionate about it and for others it is a good way to make more money. We present you the list of Most Popular Gadgets Designed by Celebrities.

5. House of Marley Speakers by Bob Marley

Bob marley speakersPhoto credit: nytimes


A great singer Bob Marley had given his soul and heart into music which led to the birth of House of Marley’s speakers and headphones. Nature friendly materials such as woods, organic cotton and recyclable aluminium are used to make it. It gives a high quality audio at maximum volume with great bass. Chant Bluetooth and Riddim portable audio system are popular House of Marley Speaker’s products.

4. i.am + foto.socho by Will.i.am

 i.am + foto.socho by Will.i.amPhoto credit: Engadget

This invention by Black Eyed Peas singer is very complicated as its name. It is an iPhone mobile camera accessory which can be attached to the phone that increases the efficiency of the camera. It is launched by i.am + company and features a keyboard, interchangeable lens, a built in flash and a filter. Its black and white color gives it a vintage look and its price range is $199 to $299.

3. Polaroid Photo Glasses by Lady Gaga

Polariod SunglassPhoto credit: Wikimedia commons

Lady Gaga is not only the most searched women/singer on internet (2013) but also a creative director at Polaroid. The product named grey label that was released in 2011 before the Google glass which uses the same technology. It has a pair of 1.5 inch display and an inbuilt camera which captures photos through its glass. Lady Gaga can be called as the Fame Monster. Robert Brunner worked with Lady Gaga on this project and she took it very personally and feels this product as representative of her. This glass is pre-loaded with slideshow for real time photo sharing and it is displayed in her music video Poker Face.

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2. Beats Headphone by Dr. Dre

Gadgets Designed By Celebrities -Beats Headphone Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

The Beats headphones launched by Dr. Dre in 2006 and now it is one of the most popular headphones among music lovers. He ties up with other musicians also like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Diddy who make it a big hit. The price of these classy headphones varies $150 to $400. In 2011, the HTC bought the 50% of its share. It features impressive quality, high sound clarity, durability of the product and padded ear cups that could be folded which made a great success. On 28th March 2014 Apples buys Beats electronics for 3 billion USD.

1. WiFi by Lady Lamarr

wifi freePhoto credit: Wikimedia commons

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Lady Lamarr, Hollywood’s killer beauty was a killer in all ways. She developed a secret communication system to be used by Navy in the period of World War II which uses the radio waves to blow up the torpedoes. First this concept was not used by US army but it was later used in 1962 to fight against Cuba. In 1988, the wireless technology became popular as Wi LAN and it acquired a 49% to Lamarr’s patent. All the wireless technology such as Bluetooth and CDMA has her patents as the base. She was also awarded in 1942 for secret communication system and radio guided torpedoes that become the base of the modern mobile communication technology.

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