8 Unavoidable Downsides of Using Google Glass

Google Glass is a head mounted display gadget introduced by Google. It features an HD camera, touchpad and a thumb sized LED display. Most of its functions are controlled by voice commands. With few advantages, Google Glass also has a larger number of negative factors that make them unpopular in the market. Only those people are interested in Glass who wants a specific feature and the rest of the people will always prefer personal computers and smartphones. There are numerous advantages of Google Glass but the following list assembles unavoidable disadvantages and downsides of using Google Glass. The following cons are according to Glass owners.

8. Banned in Few Places

Movie Theaters - Google Glass is BannedPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Some organizations raised several questions regarding the use of Google Glass in public. Google launched the Glass in February 2013 and banned in many places within next three months. The major reason of banning the Glass is considered the privacy of the general public. They could be recorded without their permission. Glass also has several illegal uses including the recording of films in theaters. The places where Google Glass is banned are banks, bars, casinos and while driving.

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7. Less Versatile

Less VersatilePhoto credit: bhshelpdesk

Google compares the Glass’s features with smartphones. But in some areas, they have many limitations that make it a bad wearable gadget. Few users called it a poor communicating device while other says that it easily gets cluttered. As compared with smartphones, it also lacks basic camera functionality. They are used for some specific features and aren’t as versatile as smartphones in some fields.

6. High Price

High PricePhoto credit: Wallstcheatsheet

Currently, the cost of a Google Glass of explorer version starts at $1500. They decide to launch the consumer version in 2015 but this remains a very important concern for normal people. The current price of Glass is very high for an average person. In 2012, Google revealed that the public version Glass will cost between $250 and $500. If this becomes real, then the glasses may dominate the smart gadget market in the future.

5. Limited Apps


As of 2013, Google play store has around one million Android apps for users but none of them is compatible with Google Glass. The small app store is also a major downside of Google Glass’s users. Most of the apps are available for free, but there are only few hundred apps in the store. It has all common applications such as exercise, news and social network, but the user expects more from Google. Recently in June 2014, Google announced a new app that sent your notifications from Android wear gadgets to the Glass.

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4. Short Battery Life

Smartphone Battery Saver Apps Are Efficient

One of the biggest shortcomings of Google Glass is short battery life. Google says that Glass should last for an entire day for normal use. If lots of videos are being taken, then Glass couldn’t run for even a half day. A former TV broadcaster, Sarah Hill used the developer version of Glass and said that she ran out of battery before two hours when she was recording videos. Glasses also need to be small so, the size of the battery will be small. Therefore, Glasses are considered unlikely to be useful for the long term use.

3. Difficult to Operate

Difficult to OperatePhoto credit: Dailymail

When a user receives the Glass, Google spends around an hour in training on how to use the gadget. Its interface is very different from a smartphone and you need some time to invest to understand its features. It has many features that are difficult to operate such as you always need to open the home screen to use the voice command feature. This is the reason why Google trains all new users.

2. The Nerdy look

The Nerdy lookPhoto credit: Oneclickroot

The current Google Glass design gives geeky, clunky and nerdy look. It is also considered the most embarrassing gadget to use in public. It should be a status symbol, so everyone could wear it in public. Some user improved the design to make them less visible in public by integrating them with sunglasses. Google is now working on new frames and designs to make Glasses a part of the style.

1. Privacy Concern

Privacy Concern - Downsides of Using Google GlassPhoto credit: Venturebeat

A local radio station said that, Google has developed a tech that violates your privacy. People worry about being recorded without their knowledge. It is a scary scene to think someone is watching and recording and you have no idea about it. Privacy is one of the main purposes of banning the Google Glass in many places. This is the reason why most of the people have negative reviews about Glass even before trying them. Google must have to find a way to secure everyone’s privacy.

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Bottom Line

This is just a beginning of a new era of advance virtual display technology and Google glass is a part of it. Gadgets are rarely perfect, especially in startup stage. So it’s very common to have a few shortcoming and negative thoughts in people’s mind about the rising technologies. Moreover, Intel processor could be the next microchip installed in second generation Google glass. It means that there is much more to see in coming time.

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