10 Strange and Unusual Sports Around the World

All of you have played and heard about Football, Tennis and Cricket but there are also some sports which are considered as strange and weird. Some of these sports are new and some are played with a few changes in previous sports rules. In recent years, many bizarre but true sports have been created. There are many strange sports in the world that you might have never heard of before. These are weird but some of the following sports are now getting popularity among youth. Take a look at the following list of 10 Strange and Unusual Sports around the World.

10. Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey1Photo credit: wikimedia

Underwater hockey, also known as Octopush has the same rules as hockey but played under the swimming pool. This game was originated in England in 1954 and first played as a world championship in Canada in 1980. Two teams with six players each have to push a puck along the bottom of the swimming pool. All players wear snorkels and have to come up every time for air.

9. Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling1Photo credit: wikimedia

Oil Wrestling is one of the oldest competitions in Kirkpinar, Turkey and held in June every year. The oil wrestling is a part of a festival celebrated since 1357. In this competition a man is covered in oil trying to wrestle the other to the ground. Nowadays this style of wrestling has also become popular in many other countries.

8. Buzkashi

Buzkashi1Photo credit: wikimedia

Buzkashi is a traditional game of Afghanistan in which horse mounted player trying to drag a dead goat toward a goal. This game could last for several days and has some limited rules. It is the national sport and passion in Afghanistan and there are over hundred professional teams.

7. Rock Paper Scissors Championship

Paper rock scossorPhoto credit: flickr

Rock Paper Scissors is a hand game and I am sure all of you have played it. The game is played between two players and to win you have to get one of three shapes. The rock beats scissor, scissor beats paper and paper beats rock. If both players show same shape, then the game is tied. In some countries, this game is played at international level and also organized as an annual international world championship.

6. Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing1Photo credit: wikipedia

Extreme Ironing is really an extreme sport. To play this sport, people go to a remote area and iron clothes and call themselves “Ironists”. The competition is held at extreme altitude, hanging from cliffs, top of vehicles and on the water. Some people also consider it as one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

5. Toe Wrestling

Toe Wrestling1Photo credit: Foreignpolicy

Toe wrestling championship started in 1976 in Wetton. It is very similar to arm wrestling but played with bare feet. This game was suggested for 1997 Olympics games, unfortunately it was not accepted. This is an unusual game, still popular among children.

4. Mud Olympics

Mud Olympics1Photo credit: Deccanherald

Mud Olympic is held annually near Hamburg, Germany. This game has been played since 1978 and now this competition is held to raise money for the cancer society. In this competition, around 400 people jump and dive while playing football, handball, volleyball and mud sledding.

3. Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing1Photo credit: wikimedia

Chess boxing is a mixture of two sports, boxing and chess. The game was popular after seeing for the first time at a boxing club in London. Both the games have normal rules and they have to play both games in alternating rounds. Participants must be skilled in both boxing and chess and should win either one. Many chess boxing events held around the world including India, Iceland, France, Russia and Tokyo.

2. Wife Carrying Championship

Wife Carrying Championship1Photo credit: flickr

Wife carrying sport was first introduced in Finland and held annually since 1992. In this game, male competitor race across 253.5 meters while carrying a female teammate. The game has many rules such as wife must be over 17 years, heavier than 49 kg, etc. The winning team is always awarded with the beer exactly the wife’s weight.

1. Riding and Racing Ostriches

Riding and Racing Ostriches - Unusual Sports Around the WorldPhoto credit: wikimedia

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Ostrich is one of the flightless birds but with the help of strong legs they can run up to 70 km/h. They lay the world’s largest egg and also they are the fastest bird on land. Riding and racing ostriches are common sport in Africa and also in the American city of Virginia City, Nevada. Oudtshoorn is one of the popular places where you can find ostrich riding in South Africa.

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