12 Best Vending Machine Companies [In 2024]

From providing on-the-go essentials to satisfying sudden snack cravings, vending machines have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of modern society. 

These machines stand as silent sentinels in office buildings, airports, schools, and even on street corners, offering a range of products at the touch of a button. 

Yet, behind the simplicity of these machines lies a complex and dynamic industry driven by innovation and competition. As the demand for convenience continues to increase, vending machine manufacturers have stepped up, pushing the boundaries of what these machines can offer. 

Below, we have featured some of the best vending machine companies that have embraced the challenges of the modern marketplace and emerged as pioneers in innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Did you know? 

The first modern vending machine in the United States was installed in New York City in 1888. It could dispense individual sticks of gum to eager consumers at the push of a button.

9. Fastcorp Vending

Founded in 1990
Headquarters: Connecticut, USA

Fastcorp Vending manufactures automated frozen vending machines. The company specializes in the design, production, and distribution of vending solutions for frozen and refrigerated products, including ice cream, beverages, frozen meals, and frozen snacks. 

Their main product is “THE DIVI,” a versatile frozen vending machine. It has a modular design, meaning it can be customized to fit various product types and sizes. It is equipped with advanced features like a robotic arm, multiple temperature zones, cashless payment options, and remote monitoring capabilities. 

So far, Fastcorp has earned the trust of over 3,500 satisfied customers across 52+ countries. They have placed more than 10,000 vending machines, which collectively dispense over 16 million products every year.

8. Vendo

Founded in 1937
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA

Vendo is recognized for its pioneering contributions to the vending industry since its inception. It has introduced several innovative vending machine models, incorporating new tech, setting industry standards, and shaping the future of automated retail. 

Vendo’s flagship product is its line of beverage vending machines, which include models that can dispense cold beverages, including bottled water, sodas, energy drinks, and juices. 

The company also offers customizable vending machine solutions to meet the specific requirements of clients. This includes options for branding, colors, graphics, and product configuration tailored to fit certain areas or promotional campaigns. 

7. Vending.com 

Founded in 2012
Headquarters: Iowa, USA

Vending.com has established a strong presence in the United States, with its products and solutions deployed in various locations. It is part of the Wittern Group. 

Its diverse product portfolio includes snack and drink vending machines, cold and frozen food machines, custom machines, and used machines. Many of these feature interactive user interfaces, cashless payments, remote monitoring, and inventory management. 

The company also provides machine parts such as bill validators, refrigeration units, keypads, coin mechanisms, and more.

Moreover, they offer comprehensive business support services to help clients succeed in the vending industry. This includes consultation, financing options, training programs, marketing assistance, and technical support services.

6. Royal Vendors

Founded in 1987
Headquarters: West Virginia, USA

Royal Vendors designs and manufactures high-quality refrigerated beverage vending machines. Each machine is built with useful features to elevate the vending experience.  

For example, the Precision Delivery System ensures products are dispensed upright, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent operation. The FIFO (first in first out) dispensing system ensures product freshness, while the standard machine size facilitates easy placement in diverse locations. 

Their machines have five individual pull-out shelves, which provide ample space to accommodate up to 40 different SKUs. This allows for a variety of products to be offered, maximizing consumer choice and vending machine revenue potential. 

The company has introduced a machine called  Health Timer Cooler, especially designed for the burgeoning micro-market segment. It incorporates an integral safety locking mechanism that meets the rigorous guidelines set forth by the National Sanitary Foundation [NSF] Standard. 

Royal Vendors was the USA’s first cooler company to obtain NSF approval for this kind of cooler. 

5. Seaga Manufacturing

Founded in 1987
Headquarters: Illinois, USA

Seaga Manufacturing is a prominent player in the vending machine and automated retail industry. Some of its key product categories include beverage and snack vending machines, Visi-coolers, and medical vending Machines. 

It also manufactures specialty vending machines tailored to specific product categories or market segments. This may include machines for dispensing frozen treats, electronics, or personal care items. 

While the company is based in Freeport, Illinois, it has an extensive global distribution and sales network. They operate manufacturing and business facilities in the US, as well as a modern facility in India.

4. Fuji Electric

Founded in 1923
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Fuji Electric operates across various sectors, including energy, electronics, and industrial systems. It is one of the leading providers of vending machines, refrigeration systems, and retail automation solutions. 

The company has been in the vending machines business for decades, leveraging its expertise in electronics and automation to create cutting-edge vending machines. It has a large portfolio of machines tailored to meet the needs of different markets and applications. 

Most of its machines are equipped with sophisticated features, including interactive user interfaces, inventory management capabilities, and remote monitoring functionalities.

Plus, they boast energy-saving attributes like LED lighting, low-power refrigeration systems, and energy-efficient components aimed at minimizing operational expenses and mitigating environmental impact.

3. Azkoyen Group

Founded in 1945
Headquarters: Navarra, Spain

Azkoyen Group is a multinational company that develops and distributes technological solutions for vending machines, payment systems, and catering equipment.

It manufactures various vending machines for snacks, beverages, food, and specialty items. These machines are equipped with advanced features like cashless payment systems, remote monitoring, and customizable branding options. 

The company also provides a range of catering equipment, including coffee machines, espresso makers, and beverage dispensers, for use in restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments. 

With decades of experience and a strong focus on R&D, Azkoyen Group has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability. They operate 8 R&D centers and commit a substantial $10 million investment towards research and development initiatives. 

In 2022, the Group generated annual revenue of $183.8 billion from all its business operations. Its EBITDA searched to $30.2 million, marking a notable 24% increase compared to the previous year’s performance.

2. Westomatic

Founded in 1966
Headquarters: Devon, UK

Westomatic is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium vending machines in the UK. It offers a broad range of solutions to meet different customer needs, specializing in bean-t0-cup coffee machines, water dispensers, hot drinks machines, and as well as snack and chilled drink vending solutions. 

They also deliver these machines in their own fleet of delivery vehicles. They utilize reusable machine “muffs” to ensure maximum protection and minimal waste during transportation.

The company exports its vending solutions internationally, reaching countries like Canada, Germany, Poland,  Australia, Malta, and Malaysia. 

1. Automated Merchandising Systems

Founded in 1997
Headquarters: West Virginia, USA

Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS) revolutionized the vending industry with the introduction of its patented Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System. It uses an infrared beam and extended helix rotation to ensure that customers receive their chosen product every time they make a purchase.

If, for any reason, the product is not dispensed, whether due to a malfunction or other issue, the customer is given the option to select another product or receive a refund. 

AMS goes a step further by implementing EnergySensit technology in vending machines that do not dispense perishable products. It optimizes the energy usage during inactive periods.

Although headquartered in Kearneysville, West Virginia, the company serves clients worldwide. It provides customization options such as branding and graphic customization, as well as modifications to accommodate specific product sizes or types.

They also provide comprehensive service and support, including installation services, ongoing maintenance and repair, operator training, and technical support.

In 2022, AMS was acquired by Seaga Manufacturing Incorporated (SMI) based in Illinois. This strengthens both company’s product offerings and positions them as formidable players in the global vending industry.

Other Equally Good Vending Machine Firms

10. Royal Vending

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Royal Vending is an Australian-based provider and operator of vending machines, initially established in Sydney but now servicing clients across the entirety of Australia. 

Specializing in supplying high-quality snack and drink vending machines, Royal Vending caters to organizations and businesses in metropolitan as well as surrounding suburbs. 

They handle everything from supplying the machines to stocking them with products and providing ongoing maintenance. This ensures a hassle-free experience for clients and allows them to focus on their core business activities. 

11. CribMaster

Founded in 1992
Headquarters: Marietta, Georgia

CribMaster provides inventory management solutions primarily targeted at the industrial and manufacturing sectors. 

They have various vending machines designed to dispense tools, equipment, and consumable items commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings. These machines include tools vending machines, safety equipment vending machines, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) vending machines. 

These machines are integrated with advanced inventory management technology, such as Radio-Frequency Identification ( RFID) or barcode scanning systems. These technologies enable real-time tracking of inventory levels, allowing businesses to monitor usage, track trends, and optimize replenishment processes.

12. USI

Founded in 1931
Headquarters: Iowa, USA

USI (U-Select-It) covers all aspects of the vending machine industry, including service, financing, energy efficiency, and healthy food vending options.  

They have a diverse portfolio of machines, from coffee and fresh food to snack and beverage vending machines. These machines can dispense a variety of products, catering to the preferences and needs of consumers. 

The company is known for its innovation, expertise, and market presence. It continuously strives to stay ahead of the competition by investing in R&D and adapting to emerging trends and technologies. 

More to Know

Our Listing Criteria 

We used five parameters to evaluate the overall performance and impact of the company within the vending machine industry: 

  1. Reliability, which includes factors like uptime, maintenance responsiveness, and overall machine durability
  2. Variety of products offered, such as snacks, beverages, and other goods within vending machines
  3. Integration of features like cashless payment systems, interactive touchscreen displays, and real-time inventory tracking
  4. Customer Satisfaction depends on metrics like product freshness, pricing transparency, machine cleanliness, and ease of use. 
  5. Widespread network of the company across multiple regions 
Challenges Faced by the Vending Machine Industry

While the vending machine industry continues to expand and adapt to technology and consumer preferences, it also faces numerous challenges that present hurdles to growth and sustainability. The key challenges include: 

  • Regulatory compliance: Operators must navigate a complex web of regulations and compliance requirements, which include health regulations, safety standards, and licensing requirements. 
  • Supply Chain Disruptions: Operators also have to rely on the supply chain to procure products, manage inventory, and replenish machines
  • Security concerns: Vending machines are susceptible to security risks, including theft, vandalism, and fraudulent activity. 
  • Competition from other retail channels, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and online retailers. 
  • Maintenance and service costs can strain operational budgets and resources.
How can I start my own vending machine business?

Starting a vending machine business involves several steps, including market research, developing a proper business plan, selecting a type of vending machine niche like snacks or personal care items, buying or leasing the machine, finding profitable locations, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, sourcing products and suppliers, and monitoring the performance of the machine. 

Global vending machine market

In 2022, the global vending machine industry was valued at $18.3 billion, and it is projected to exceed $37 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2023 to 2032. 

The beverages vending machine segment is expected to dominate the market share throughout the forecast period. Region-wise, Asia-Pacific will experience significant growth in the coming years.

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