3 Ways The Best Android Spyware Can Bring the Power Back to The Bosses

You may have heard that “desperate time calls for desperate measures –  well, that makes, even more, sense with every passing day, especially for the businesses who have to deal with an extensive competition to thrive.

Gone are those days when people wanted to be an entrepreneur to relieve themselves off some pressure. Now, it’s, in fact, the exact contrary of the old times perception. Living as an entrepreneur is no less than a roller coaster with life-threatening curves. The difference between the revenues and costs is marginal for newcomers even they put their everything into their startup.

90% of startups fail – being unable to control the costs is one reason why. And while there could be many reasons why the costs go up, it has been the unnecessary hierarchy within the organization in my case. There are were too many managers and too many employees, the managers owned much of the decisions, leaving me with no or very less authority.

As an entrepreneur, you can never let that happen – to let go the authority to make company’s most vital decisions. While many business owners reading through may find my technique inappropriate, it has really worked for me because it lets me regain that lost power as a boss.

Spyware for Android Is a Contemporary Monitoring Tool!

I was suspicious; I had doubts regarding what my employees or managers were up to because I was desperate with reviving my dying company. I had literally no monitoring tools in place and I was blaming too lax conditions for all the trouble. So I decided to start monitoring my team, hoping it would give me an insight into why it wasn’t working for my business. My business idea was great and we had already amassed a decent customer base. Extrinsically, everything was close to perfect, so I was pretty much sure that there’s something within the company that’s going wrong.

So I decided to use a spyware to end my despair and to win back my business and entrepreneurial power. But note that I am not the first one who has used a spyware to monitor employees. In fact, thousands of business owners are already resorting to cell phone monitoring after learning about the sneaky benefits of doing so.

And while there are different ways to use a spyware, I decided to go with the legitimate way of monitoring, and I did so by using a legal spyware called Xnspy. I didn’t “SPY” on my team; I didn’t try to sneak into their private chats or call logs, but I accessed all that cell phone activity which I could, legally.

Take the Legal Consent of Your Employees!

Using Xnspy

Never ever think of spying on your employees’ without their legal consent or you could land in hot water or even jail for doing so. I used Xnspy, it’s undoubtedly the best spyware for Android to monitor your employees’ cell phones and tablets. With this app, I could remotely monitor any activity relating to their official company-provided phones, including their official calls, texts, emails, contacts. And not just that, I could even view their social media activity to understand how they represented my company. And when they were out for the official work, I could even track their location in real-time.

Using Xnspy

To use the app, you need to download and install the app on your employees’ phone, manually. This could be quite a tedious job if you have lots of employees and also due to the fact because you can’t download the app from the Play Store (you are given a download URL). Honestly, this is a process that could take hours, but if you are through it, you will thank yourself.

With xnspy, devices are remotely monitoring using an online control panel and a single control panel can be used to monitor your entire office’s cell phones and tablets (you do need separate licenses though!)

3 Ways Spyware for Android Helps You

This app xnspy has helped my business in different ways; so let me share my personal anecdote with you guys. First, it helped me get control over my employees’ on-work cell phone usage. And not only could I track their productivity by calculating the time they spend on their phones during but also the calls that they make

Second, I can track their location during their lunch breaks (to know who they were meeting) and also when they are out for official business. The location-based tracking is pretty handy for someone who runs a delivery business it involves managing riders.

Third, you can get access to the office grapevine, and for me, it’s the most important element of cell phone tracking because this is where I found what was wrong with my company. I learned about the grievances of my employees and how the managers were exploiting them. Yes, people! It’s not always your employees who are wrong; it could also be anyone who has an incentive to exploit them.

Switch to Lean Business Practices

To be successful in the existing business climate, you have to be smart and when I say “smart”, you have to use lean business practices which simply means producing more value out of your business while expending minimal resources. Payrolls are the single most important cost of running a business and if you are careful with the hiring and also with the hierarchy of your organization, you can save tons. Drop the managers whose productivity you can’t measure. Stay close to your managers and closer to your employees!

By understanding your employees, you can better take your company to its real position. I am not saying that you start hating your managers, but I am just expressing my concerns as an entrepreneur. And while your employees may think of spyware as an intrusion to their privacy, it’s up to you how you respond to their insecurities and questions.

The best spyware for Android can bridge the gap between you and your employees and can also cut down the need to hire too many managers, bringing power back to you.

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