We’re Hiring

If you visit RankRed frequently, you may know we cover everything related to tools, machines, and science and technology. Since we are growing too fast, we need one more member (specifically a writer) who can help us put a lot more interesting content out there.

Here is what we are looking for in a candidate: 

  • 2-6 years of experience in writing technical and science blogs.
  • Excellent command of English.
  • Capable of carrying out intensive research on a particular topic and writing a high-quality, detailed article.

The candidate will be responsible for writing comprehensive and easy-to-understand articles (at least 2,500 words).

Let’s say you are given a task to write on “types of air conditioner compressor” or “How Cold Is Outer Space?“. You must be able to thoroughly research the topic as well as related terms people are searching for.

If you believe you can gather information and write far more informative/useful content than what is already on the internet, you are free to apply.

Remember, your article should be unique and well-written. It must outperform every other existing article on the web.

Pay: ₹20,000 – ₹40,000 per month, depending on the number and quality of the content
Location: New Delhi (You can work from home, we don’t have any time/location constraints).

How to apply? 

You need to send two things:

  1. Resume
  2. A short paragraph explaining why you want to work at RankRed

If you qualify, we will ask you to send two sample articles on different topics.

Best of Luck!

Send your details: [email protected]