20+ World’s Biggest Websites Then and Now

Let me start with the very simple question; What is the first website launched on the internet? Well, the answer is Info.cern.ch which was published on 6th August 1991 by by British physicist Tim Berners Lee in Switzerland. And now we are fast approaching to the milestone of 1 billion websites. Over 2 decades, many websites were launched and ended but there are few ones who changed the whole world. Today, we will be highlighting those sites that doesn’t only enhance the internet technology but completely changed our living style. How attractive/advanced they are now and how they looked like at the beginning, lets find out in our list of World’s Biggest Websites THEN and NOW.

22. Myspace.com

Back in 2003

myspace 2003

MySpace: Now


Founded In: 2003
Industry: Internet
Founder(s):  Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson
Employees: 200
Type of Site: Social Networking Service
Total Assets: $30 Millon

21. Telegraph.co.uk


Back in 1994

telegraph 1994

Telegraph.co.uk: Now


Company Founded In: 1855
Daily newspaper
Owner(s): Telegraph Media Group
Ian MacGregor
Circulation: 523,048
Type of Site:

20. Digg.com

Back in 2004

digg 2004

Digg.com: Now


Founded In: 2004
Industry: Internet
Founder(s): Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose
Employees: 15
Type of Site: Social news
Total Assets: $10 Million

19. BBC.com

Back in 1997

bbc news 1997

BBC.com: Now

bbc news

Company Founded In: 1922
Industry: Mass media
Founder(s): John Reith
Employees: 23,000
Type of Site: News
Total Assets: $12 Billion

18. NYtimes.com

Back in 1995

new york times 1995

The New York Times: Now


Company Founded In: 1851
Industry: Daily Newspaper
Founder(s):  Henry Jarvis Raymond, George Jones
Employees: 1,150
Type of Site: News
Circulation: 1,865,315 daily

17. Blogger.com

Back in 1999

blogger 1999

Blogger.com: Now


Founded In: 1999
Industry: Internet
Owner(s): Google Inc.
Type of Site: Blog host

16. Flickr.com

Back in 2004

flickr 2004

Flickr: Now


Founded In: 2004
Industry: Internet
Owner(s): Yahoo!
Type of Site: Photo/Video hosting service

15. Huffingtonpost.com

Back in 2005

the huffingtonpost 2005

Huffingtonpost.com: Now

the huffingtonpost

Founded In: 2005
Industry: Internet
Founders:  Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, Kenneth Lerer, Andrew Breitbart
Employees: 850
Type of Site: Political weblog

14. Craigslist.org

Back in 1995

craigslist 1995

Craigslist: Now


Founded In: 1995
Founder(s):  Craig Newmark
Employees: 30+
Type of Site: Classifieds, forums

13. MSN.com

Back in 1995

msn 1995

MSN: Now


Company Founded In: 1995
Industry: Internet
Owner(s): Microsoft
Type of Site: Web Portal

12. LinkedIn.com

Back in 2003

LinkedIn 2003

LinkedIn: Now


Founded In: 2003
Industry: Internet
Founder(s): Reid Hoffman, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Allen Blue
Employees: 5,400
Type of Site: Social Network Service
Total Assets: $1.52 Billion

11. Twitter.com

Back in 2006

twitter 2006

Twitter: Now


Founded In: 2006
Industry: Internet
Founder(s):  Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, Evan Williams
Employees: 3,000
Type of Site: Social Networking Service
Total Assets: $670 Million

10. Paypal.com

Back in 1998

paypal 1998

Paypal: Now


Founded In: 1998
Founder(s): Ken Howery, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Elon Musk, Luke Nosek,
Owner(s):  eBay Inc.
Type of SitePayment and Money transfer
Total Assets: $6 Billion

9. YouTube.com

Back in 2005

YouTube old look

YouTube: Now


Founded In: 2005
Industry: Internet
Owner(s): Google Inc.
Founder(s):  Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley
Type of Site: Video Streaming

8. Yahoo.com

Back in 1994

Yahoo 1994

Yahoo.com: Now


Founded In: 1994
Industry: Internet
Founders:  Jerry Yang, David Filo
Employees: 12,200
Type of Site: Search Engine, Web Portal
Total Assets: $16 Billion

7. Facebook.com

Back in 2004

facebook 2004

Facebook: Now


Founded In: 2004
Industry: Internet
Founders:  Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz
Employees: 7,185
Type of Site: Social Networking
Total Assets: $18 Billion

6. Yandex.com

Back in 1997

Yandex 1997

Yandex.com: Now


Founded In: 1997
Industry: Internet
Founder(s):  Arkady Volozh, Ilya Segalovich, Arkady Borkovsky
Employees: 5,300
Type of Site: Search Engine
Total Assets: $34 Billion

5. eBay.com

Back in 1995

ebay 1995

eBay: Now


Founded In: 1995
Industry: Internet, Online retailing
Founder(s):  Pierre Omidyar
Employees: 33,500
Type of Site: eCommerce
Total Assets: $41 Billion

4. Dell.com

Back in 1996

dell 1996

Dell.com: Now


Company Founded In: 1984
Industry: Computer hardware/software, IT services/consulting
Founder(s):  Michael Dell
Employees: 108,800
Type of Site: Dell Inc Official
Total Assets: $48 Billion

3. Amazon.com

Back in 1994

amazon 1994

Amazon.com: Now


Founded In: 1994
Industry: Internet, Online Retailing
Founder(s): Jeff Bezos
Employees: 132,600
Type of Site:
Total Assets: $41 Billion

2. Google.com

Back in 1998

Google 1998

Google.com: At Present

Google present

Company Founded In: 1998
Industry: Internet, Computer software, Telecoms equipment
Founder(s): Larry Page, Sergey Brin
Employees: 52,069
Type of Site: Search Engine
Total Assets: $111 Billion

1. Apple.com

Back in 1996

apple 1996

Apple.com: Now


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Company Founded In: 1976
Industry: Computer hardware/software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution
Founder(s):  Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne
Employees: 98,000
Type of Site: Apple Inc. Official
Total Assets: $207 Billion

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