What’s New In Linux Deepin 15.5 | 10 Biggest Features and Tools

Linux Deepin is probably the best user-friendly desktop Linux distribution when it comes to frontend user interface. It is entirely devoted to providing beautiful, modern, reliable and easy-to-use system for global users. They have released a new version Deepin 15.5, which comes 4 months after the previous update 15.4.1.

Like other updates, it has been released with lots of new features, tools and tweak. We will be covering some of the best changes they have made in this version. So let’s get started.

10. VPN Import and Export

The proxy function has been optimized – now you can quickly import existing VPN file and export the configured VPN data within a few clicks (in Network Settings).

Since different applications require different environment while setting proxy, Deepin 15.5 allows you to enable application proxy for a particular application.

9. Color and Temperature Adjustment

The system can automatically adjust the screen color and temperature, based on your geographical location. This helps you to protect eyesight and work with ease.

8. Icon Scaling and Icon Collision Avoidance

The OS automatically adjusts the icon size (launcher icon) for your screen. However, you can manually resize them by either using mouse wheel or keyboard shortcuts.

Besides auto arrange, Deepin 15.5 can avoid icon collision. For instance, if you want to move an icon to a location on desktop, where there is already another icon, just drag-drop your current icon at the same location. The already-existing icon will leave its location.

7. Package Cache Clear

To increase disk space by clearing cache regularly, Deepin 15.5 provides you an option to ‘auto clear package cache’ in the update settings.

6. Multitasking View

Deepin has added a new multitasking view that looks much similar to Mac OS. This allows you to add multiple workspaces to your desktop and switch between each of them with ease.

5. One-Click Backup

Deepin 15.5 allows you to easily create clone, backup and restore partitions and disks. It features a timely backup of complete system in order to prevent data loss. Any time, you can perform the recovery right from the startup interface (in case you are not able to log in) to repair partition, boot and format.

4. Hide the Plugins on Dock and Force Quit

If you like to decrease the space on Dock in Fashion and Efficient mode, just right click on Dock, select the plugin and uncheck it to hide it.

Moreover, if your application gets crashed and not closing by itself, you can manually Force Quit through Dock in order to close the application instantly.

3. Full HD

Deepin Desktop Environment now supports the HiDPI – the system can automatically detect the suitable resolution for HiDPI based on the size of your monitor. The fonts, interface and icons look crystal clear.

2. Wifi Hotspot

Deepin 15.5 lets you make your computer a wireless router and share hotspot to other devices without network traffic. It supports all basic hotspot functionalities, including WiFi SSID and password security.

1. Fingerprint Scanner and Multiple Gesture Recognition

The new version is integrated with fingerprint scanner, which can be useful if you hate entering password every time you start your computer. The scanning feature can be used for locking device, screen, terminal sudo, authentication dialog box and other applications without password input. Of course, you need a dedicated scanning hardware on your device to make this function work. Moreover, the gesture in touchpad has been improved with a few additional gesture recognition.

Other Minor Changes

The update is packed with many great applications – you will have Chrome as the default web browser, Thunderbird mail client, CrossOver, Deepin Music, Movie and more. If that is not enough, the Deepin Store is there for you. Other than this, there are

  • Function to auto switch to available sound port
  • Optimized network layout and notification
  • Better uninstall dialog box
  • Improved shortcuts module and newly added shortcut for Deepin System Monitor
  • Upgraded Flatpak to support Deepin Desktop Environment components
  • New Intel device compatibility and upstream security updates
  • Upgraded Kernel patches and firmware

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Where To Download

You can download the 64-bit ISO image (3.2 GB) right from their official website. They no longer provide upgrade for 32-bit system.

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