11 Women Who Revolutionized The Internet World

The evolution of the internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. The internet helped people to get connected with each other. Since the development of the internet, many people contributed their work and revolutionized the technologies used in internet. There are many women in the list along with men. These women were never recognized for their efforts unlike the men. Some women are listed as remarkable women who played a significant role in the evolution of technology. The following list features 11 women who revolutionized the internet and the way how we use it today. The list is just an attempt to motivate more women and spread awareness to contribute in the internet world.

11. Leah Culver

Leah CulverImage Source: Wikimedia

Leah Culver is a programmer, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2006. She gained popularity after launching a micro-blogging website, Pownce, which was closed in 2008. She is the main developer of Pownce’s team and developed the whole site using Python programming language. She is behind the feature of Facebook and Twitter to share and attack files, links, videos and photos on their social networking platform. In 2008, the Fast Company Magazine named her among the most influential women in web technologies.

10. Marissa Mayer

Marissa MayerImage Source: Twitter

Marissa Mayer is currently the president and CEO of Yahoo! After graduation in 1999, she joined Google and became the first female engineer in the Google’s team. During twelve year career at Google, she had key roles in Google search, images, news, maps, books store, toolbar, iGoogle and Gmail. In the last two years in Google, she heads the local map services. The Fortune Magazine ranked her among one of the most powerful businesswomen in America in 2013. In 2014, she was also listed as one of the most influential women in the world.

9. Lisa Stone

Lisa StoneImage Source: Fastcompany

Lisa Stone co-founded BlogHer.com, the world’s largest community of women bloggers. She is also known as a former leading expert on many successful online communities for women. She created a new and prosperous platform, especially for women to change the way how they use the internet. At the present time, BlogHer has over 100 million monthly unique visitors. In 2013, the Fast Company Magazine listed her as one of the most creative people in business and the most influential women in web 2.0 in 2010.

8. Rashmi Sinha

Rashmi SinhaPhoto credit: flickr

Rashmi Sinha is Indo-American businesswomen and CEO of SlidsShare, a popular file, PDF and slides sharing website. It is considered as one of the best e-learning tool and has more than nine million presentations with an estimated 60 million visitors every month. On 3rd May 2012, SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn for $118 million. The Fast Company Magazine named her one of the top women influencers in web 2.0 and Playboy Magazine named her one of America’s top sexiest CEOs.

7. Meg Hourihan

Meg HourihanImage Source: Wikimedia

Meg Hourihan is a co-founder of Pyra Labs that launched the Blogger.com, a worldwide popular personal blogging platform. In 2003, Google acquired the Pyra Labs including Blogger software. She also co-founded Kinja, a free online news aggregator. Blogger is now the biggest open source for blogging in the world that inspired millions of people for blogging. She was named as People of the Year in 2004 along with her Blogger team.

6. Mena Trott

Mena TrottImage Source: Creativeblog

Mena Trott is known as the co-founder of Six Apart, developing blogging software. Her company launched Movable Type in 2001 which is blogging software and looks similar to WordPress. Later in 2003, she and her team launched a blog hosting service, TypePad which provides easy to use tools including mobile blogging. In 2004, the PC Magazine named her People of the Year and MIT Technology Review listed her in the top 100 innovators in the world.

5. Susan Wojcicki

susan wojcickiImage Source: Adage

Susan Wojcicki is an American businesswoman and currently serves as the CEO of YouTube. She started her career as Google employee number 16. Do you know that Google was founded in a garage and there would be no Google if she didn’t rent out her garage? While working at Google, she came up with Adsense and Adwords which are now two major fields of Google’s earnings. She is the person behind acquiring YouTube and creating Doodles on Google’s homepage. She is known by the name of the most important person in advertising and she was also listed in the Fortune 50 most powerful women in last consecutive four years.

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4. Caterina Fake

Caterina FakeImage Source: Wikimedia

Caterina Fake is an American businesswoman who co-founded a photo sharing site, Flickr with her husband Stewart Butterfield. She started her career with Organic Online, a popular web development agency. In the starting days of the internet, everyone used to share photos via email and this process irritates when you have photos in bulk. In 2005, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo!. She won many awards of best women entrepreneur in the world and was also listed in the list of the world’s 100 most influential people.

3. Mitchell Baker

Mitchell BakerImage Source: Wired

Mitchell Baker is the executive chairwomen of the Mozilla Corporation which developed internet applications such as Mozilla Firefox web browser. She gave an option to the whole world to browse the web other than Internet Explorer. She began her career with the Netscape Communication Corporation in 1994 and founded the Open Source Application Foundation in 2002. Her contributions also inspired other open source platform such as HTML5 and Android. In 2012, she was awarded the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society.

2. Elizabeth Feinler

Elizabeth FeinlerImage Source: Wired

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Elizabeth Jake Feinler is an American scientist in the field of computer science. She was the director of the Network Information System Center at the Stanford Research Institute and worldwide regarded as the pioneer of the internet. She was the head contributor behind the ARPANET, the network that connected various centers across the world which is considered as the predecessor to the internet. As the internet expanded, the NIC came up with the Domain Name System (DNS) which maintains every type of URLs and translate them into IP addresses. All her contributions are still in use today and revolutionizing the internet world.  In 2012, she was awarded the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society.

1. Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman - Women Who Revolutionized The InternetImage Source: Wikimedia

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Radia Perlman is a network engineer and worldwide popular as the creator of the spanning tree protocol (STP). She is also known as the mother of the internet and this list would never complete without her. She graduated from MIT and also has a PhD degree in computer science. She transformed the Ethernet protocol to a new level which handle large amount of nodes to transfer the information over a long distance. She also invented TRILL, a link-state protocol which is used to correct the shortcoming of spanning trees. She holds more than 100 patents and also wrote a book on networking and security.

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