15 Amazing WordPress Social Share Plugins

Social media is the second most crucial factor of marketing after search engines. If you are running a small business on WordPress, it’s really easy to integrate almost all popular social networking sites. The best thing is, No programming skills are required to do that. There are hundreds of social media plugins available on the internet but your selection should be based on your site structure, which social site you use the most, frequency of plugin update and how customizable a plugin is?  To provide you with the best options, we are going to represent few compelling WordPress Social Share Plugins: both Free and Premium.

15. Digg Digg

digg digg

Digg Digg by buffer is all in one social plugin that displays social sharing button in a pretty nice way.  It allows users to select where to display the buttons along with share count. You can place it on top or bottom of the content and at fixed left position. Home page, single post, single page, tag, archive or category listing; it is up to you where you want to display the buttons.

14. Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny

This plugin has been designed for your reader to share, bookmark and email your article efficiently. It includes more than hundred sharing and bookmarking websites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and more. You can set floating buttons (horizontal + vertical), custom sharing icons which are customizable and responsive.

13. Social Media Widget

Social Media Widget

This plugin allows users to put set of social buttons in sidebar widgets. It consists of 4 default style as shown in the picture. Also you can select custom size icons, arrange them in order what you prefer and there are multiple animation style including fade in, scale, bounce or all three.

12. ShareThis


Now spread your content widely using ShareThis that includes social graph sharing, social analytics and hovering bar. You can choose from 120 channels, use small or large button and add counter with buttons. The unique feature is it displays daily report on the top sharing URL and social site.

11. Floating Social Media Icon

Floating Icon

This one is very easy to use as you just have to select the single design that you want to display on website. It is packed with 20+ icon styles, auto/manual integration, multiple widget and shortcode support. Select the icon size and reorder the icons using drag drop feature, that’s all.

10. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

This one looks really great and gives the feel of premium plugin. It simply adds share buttons to all your pages and posts. You can choose whether you want buttons on top/below of the article or at both positions. All icons are customizable, just drag drop to select and reorder the buttons. The plugin also allows you to add a text line before icons position.

9. Slick Social Share Buttons

Slick Share Buttons

Add popular social networking buttons to your site in either floating or sliding panel. You can select the direction, offset, floating effects, floating speed, display page, animation speed, tab image URL, button size and shortcodes for manual placement.  Moreover, the plugins also shows social metrics in admin social statistics page.

8. Social Media Feather

Media Feather

The plugin has simple and modern looks. The best thing is it supports retina and high resolution display. It provides all popular social buttons like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit and email. Social Media Feather is packed with the set of compelling icons, cool effects like fading and greying out, dynamic social counter, bunch of shortcodes for manual placement and more.

7. Mashshare


Mashshare is highly customizable plugin with professional looks. There is a large social share counter beside 3 large prominent share buttons. The share button icons come high resolution loseless vector font. You can add virtual shares to new articles as a psychological aspect to increase real shares. The plugin also offers add-ons for sharing image and Twitter hashtags.


6. Social Share


It is a simple and responsive plugin that lets your readers share your article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and via Email. You can integrate it with any WordPress theme, no setup required, just install and go. Moreover, there are color customization and display options.
Price: $10

5. Socialsider


Socialsider includes 62 social icons, 2304 combination of style, fixed and absolute position, half hidden option, 6 color styles, shortcodes, crossbrowser compatibility, six fixed position i.e. left/right top, left/right bottom and left/right middle. Overall, the color combination and animation looks great.
Price: $11

4. Arqam


Arqam is responsive and retina ready social counter plugin. It is packed with .po and .mo files, cross browser compatibility, option to set cache time and drag drop feature to reorder buttons. Also, you get multiple style option i.e. gray rounded icons (light/dark), colored rounded icons (light/dark) and flat colored square icons.
Price: $13

3. SocialFans Counter

SocialFans Counter

The retina responsive WordPress plugin which is built on Bootstrap 3. 9. Fancy shake animation effects, shortcodes, unlimited skin choice, drag drop for button sorting, touch screen animation are few key features of plugin. The design is CSS minified and you can cache by specific to reduce the API call and page load time.
Price: $14

2. Stickysocial Counter

Stickysocial Counter - best wordpress social share plugin

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Simple and sticky (on left and right side) retina responsive plugin that supports 17 social networks. It is packed with 3 smooth animation effect, cross browser compatibility, light, dark and custom color skin, drag drop feature to reorder icons, option for hiding counters, cache by specific in order to increase page speed performance and more.
Price: $10

1. Social Share and Locker Pro

Social Share and Locker Pro

The plugin brings over the Social network a bigger exposure and viral visitors. It is integrated with some quality features, including share counter, custom position, display option, responsive columns,  shortcode, content locker and 10 different themes. The social flat box may show up in unique modes using 35 animation effects. Moreover, the plugin is packed with 3 predefined templates for mobile display.
Price: $14

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