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The World’s First Holographic Smartphone – RED’s Hydrogen One

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RED is one of the leading high-tech camera companies known for manufacturing high definition photography and cinematography camera and accessories. Their products worth more than $50,000 and often used in shooting Hollywood movies. Now, the company is entering into the smartphone market with the launch of Hydrogen One.

RED is marketing its new product as the “world’s first professional holographic smartphone”, which is expected to shatter the mold of conventional thinking. But, what does this exactly mean?

What is Hydrogen One?

An illustration of holographic smartphone

Hydrogen One is unlocked multi-band smartphone powered by the Android operating system. The company claims that you don’t need to carry any extra device to view multi dimensional content. You will be able to experience “look around depth” in the palm  of your hand, without any headset or glasses.

Features and Technology Used

At this moment, the details regarding Red’s Hydrogen One are thin. What we know for sure is, it will have a 5.7 inch screen featuring retina-riveting display. Talking about the sound system, the device converts stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio. RED calls it “5.1 for your headphones.” Furthermore, the phone will do the following

  • Show holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View content in H4V file type
  • Play 2d video on the screen normally at full-screen resolution
  • Display 2D and 3D VR, AR and MR
  • Play stereo 3d files

Photo credit: RED

Their Retina-riveting display advancement nanotechnology switches between 2d, holographic multi-view, 3d content, and interactive games in both landscape and portrait mode.

The H3O algorithm embedded in Android OS converts stereo sound into expansive multi-dimensional audio. This is not something new. There are already plenty of surround sound headphone options. Also, you can do a lot with binaural audio, giving the illusion of spatial sound.

The phone features a Hydrogen System that incorporates a new high speed data bus to enable a comprehensive and ever expanding modular component system. It will include future attachment for shooting higher quality still and motion images and as well as holographic images (Hydrogen format).

Hydrogen One will also integrate into the professional RED camera program, working together with EPIC, Scarlet and Weapon as a UI and monitor.

Price Tag

The phone comes in 2 variants – Aluminum model costs $1,195, while the Titanium model costs $1,595. Taxes and shipping charges are not included. Also, production limitation may have a big impact on the price in the future.

In The Box

Along with the device, you will get a USB-C cable and a charger. The smartphone has a MicroSD card slot, and a special small token for early orders. It will have some modularity, but no extra modules will be available at launch.

When Do You Get It?

The phone is targeted to ship in the first quarter of 2018. You can pre-order on their official website.

What’s weird is that they haven’t mentioned what this phone might shoot. Because it is being developed by a camera company, it could have 4K, 6K or even 8K video shooting capability. Moreover, RED’s color science and dynamic range would be a game-changer in any form on a mobile phone.