11 Worst and High Security Prisons in the World

A prison or jail is used to forcibly confined individuals and denied some freedoms as a form of punishment. Before prisons were established, there were uncommon and brutal punishments. The Romans were first to use the prisons such as metal cages and the oldest Roman prison established around 640 BC. But today’s prisons provide facilities such as books, TV shows, movies and indoor games which are familiar to most people. Among the facilities it has a special arrangement with security so they do not escape to rejoin the criminal world. Here is a list of the Worst and High Security Prisons in the World.

11. Gitarama Central Prison

 Gitarama Central PrisonPhoto credit: Complex

This prison is described as the hell on the earth where the prisoners don’t get enough food to eat, water to drink and floor space to sleep. This is small in size as compared to the numbers of criminals. The average space provided to a prisoner is just forty centimeters and he have to sleep in only forty centimeter space. It was designed for 400 prisoners but it housed few thousands prisoners. There is no bed to sleep and its condition is getting worse with the increasing number of prisoners.

10. Camp Delta

Camp Delta1Photo credit: wikimedia

Camp Delta is a permanent detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The camp is divided into categories from camp 1 to 6 and platinum camp. There are declarations of torture and abuse of prisoners. Most of the security forces are US army military police and US navy masters. The prison was used to keep the suspected terrorists in the fight against Al Qaeda. Here, up to 12 guards may be assigned to one prisoner.

9. HM Prison Belmarsh

HM Prison Belmarsh1Photo credit: wikimedia

HM Prison Belmarsh is a high security men’s prison, located in the Thamesmead area, England. It is also called the British version of Guantanamo Bay and used for the detention of prisoners of terrorist related activity. It also offers many facilities including education, sports, gym and workshops.

8. Qincheng Prison

Qincheng PrisonPhoto credit: Straitstimes

Qincheng Prison is the highest security prison in the China. It also has one of the highest watchtowers in the world. There are around 5000 security guards who ensure that all the prisoners are kept locked. There are all types of basic facilities available to all prisoners. They also set up modern security cameras and electronic equipment for security purpose.

7. Tadmor Military Prison

Tadmor Military Prison1Photo credit: Curiouscontents

Tadmor Military Prison is located in Tadmor, eastern desert of Syria. It was known for its harsh condition, torture and abuse human rights. The only access to the facility is through an underground tunnel. All the prisoners are tied up all the time with heavy chains. Most of the prisoners are arrested who opposed the Syrian government.

6. La Sabaneta Prison

La Sabaneta Prison1Photo credit: Reuters

La Sabaneta Prison is known for its brutal and inhumane condition where violence is a daily occurrence. It is located in Venezuela. It is worst of the worst place where over 700 prisoners died of cholera. There is no medical and appropriate food service and all the prisoners live at the mercy of corrupted staff.

5. La Sante Prison

La Sante Prison1Photo credit: wikimedia

La Sante Prison is one of the most famous prisons in France in terms of high security. It is the Europe’s largest prison located in the east of Paris. In 2002 around 120 prisoners were committed suicide due to terrible living condition. Due to its clever architecture man prisoner breakout were failed. It also has a VIP section called special area where notable prisoners imprisoned.

4. Carandiru Prison

Carandiru Prison1Photo credit: wikimedia

Carandiru Prison was South America’s largest prison, housing over 8000 prisoners. It was designed and built in 1920 and in operation from 1956 to 2002. With the continuous increase in violence, more than 20% prisoners suffered from AIDS. On 9th December 2002, it was closed and now used as a museum.

3. Arthur Road Jail

Arthur Road JailPhoto credit: usatoday

Arthur Road Jail is also known as Mumbai central prison, is Mumbai’s largest prison built in 1926. The jail was originally built for 800 prisoners but there are more than 2000 inmates. Due to a bad living condition most of the prisoners have HIV and tuberculosis disease. It was considered as one of the most feared jail in India because of the bad and bullying behavior of the inmates. Due to overcrowd prisoners are forced to sleep in an awkward position.

2. ADX Florence

ADX Florence1Photo credit: wikimedia

ADX Florence, located in Colorado is a high security prison for male inmates. It is divided into supermax prison where security is high and minimum security camp. In the supermax prison, inmates are kept in their cells for the whole day. There are many international notable terrorists and there is no direct access provided to the cells.

1. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary - High Security Prisons in the WorldPhoto credit: wikipedia

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Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was a maximum high security prison on Alcatraz Island. The prison was originally built in 1910 and was a US army military prison. It was operated from 1934 to 1963. The prison was located on an island and the nearest mainland is 1.5 miles far from it. There were many escape attempts made by prisoners but most of them died by drowning.

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