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There are 1,426 Billionaires (people having their net worth more than 1 Billion USD) this year. Around two percent i.e. 29 have not yet reached the age of 40. Imagine a 10 figure bank account, 7 figure salary and still being young enough to enjoy it for next few decades. There are few people lucky enough to reach at the milestone of Billionaire before the age of 40. Obviously the path was not easy but they tried so hard to get there. They proved that perfect planning, high skills, amazing talent, far sightedness and perseverance can make you rich enough. Scroll down to look at the list of Top Youngest Billionaires in the World with their source detail.

20. Nicholas Woodman

Nick woodman

Billionaire at the age of 37
Net Worth: $947 million
Founded: GoPro

Nicholas Woodman now 41, is the founder and CEO of GoPro. It manufactures high definition personal cameras which can be configured automatically or remotely controlled. One day, he had difficulty in capturing a good quality picture of surfing and that trip inspired him to invent GoPro that allows non-professional people to click a professional picture. In December 2012, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn purchased 8.88% of the company for $200 million which set the market value of the company at $2.25 billion making Woodman, who owned the majority of the stock, a billionaire.

19. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey

Billionaire at the age of 36
Net Worth: $1.7 Billion
Co-founded: Twitter and Square

Jack Dorsey is an American web developer and entrepreneur and also known as a co-founder of Twitter. He released the Square in 2010 that allows a person to swipe his/her ATM card or sending receipts via messages or emails. In 2012, The Wall Street Journal awarded him with the Innovator of the Year award in technology.

18. Lawrence Ho

Lawrence Ho

Age: 37
Net Worth: $3 Billion
Source: Melco International Development Limited

Lawrence Ho is the CEO of one of the fabulous 50 companies, Melco International. He is also known as the son of Macau gambling industry tycoon, Stanley Ho. In 2011, he was awarded the Asia’s best CEO and one of the outstanding young persons in 2006.

17. Yvonne Bauer

yvonne bauerPhoto credit: Theaustralian

Age: 36
Net Worth: $3.5 Billion
Source: Bauer Media Group

Yvonne Bauer is the owner of the Bauer Media Group which was founded in 1875. This company operates the portfolio of magazines, radio, digital products and TV stations. Now the firm is the Britain’s third largest publisher. They publish more than 600 magazines in 37 countries worldwide.

16. Naruatsu Baba

Naruatsu BabaPhoto credit: Faz

Age: 36
Net Worth: $1.9 Billion
Source: Colopl, smartphone game maker company

Naruatsu Baba founded the company in 2008 as a game developer and now he owns 59% stocks. His company has produced some of the top grossing apps for Google Android smartphone. Some of his android games are Dino Dominion, Treasure Detective and Pro baseball Pride.

15. Robert Pera

Robert PeraPhoto credit: Forbes

Age: 35
Net Worth: $2.7 Billion
Source: Ubiquiti Networks and Memphis Grizzlies (NBA team)

Robert Pera serves as a director of Ubiquiti Networks. He holds bachelor and master degree in Electrical Engineering. He started his carrier as a wireless engineer in 2003 with Apple. In 2005, he leaves the Apple Inc. to become an entrepreneur. After six years in 2011, he became a billionaire.

14. Ayman Hariri

Ayman HaririPhoto credit: TheGuardian

Age: 35
Net Worth: $1.40 Billion
Source: Saudi Age

Ayman Hariri was the Prime Minister of Lebanon (2009-2011). Ayman holds dual citizenship, i.e. Lebanese and Saudi Arabian. He is the second son of Rafiq Hariri and currently manages one of the Saudi Arabia’s biggest construction companies Saudi Age which is the primary source of revenue of the Hariri family fortunes.

13. Julia Oetker

Julia OetkerPhoto credit: LZ

Age: 35
Net Worth: $1.65 Billion
Source: Dr. August Oetker KG

In 1891, August Oetker started selling baking soda. His business expands with time. After the World War II, his grandson established the company on a national level. In 1950, they produced 750 million packets of pudding and baking powder. Currently, they have 25000 employees and generate $15 billion of annual revenue.

12. Sean Parker

Sean ParkerPhoto credit: wikipedia

Age: 34
Net Worth: $2.10 Billion
Source: Facebook

Sean Parker is a co founder of file sharing computer network service Napster which has been called the fastest growing business ever that revolutionized the music industry after iTunes. He also co founded Causes, Airtime and Plaxo. He has 7 percent of shares in Facebook which is the main source of his revenue.

11. Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Age: 33
Net Worth: $1.5 Billion
Source: French dairy Lactalis

Marie Besnier Beauvalot along with 2 siblings (Emmanuel 42, and Jean-Michel 45), inherited French dairy giant Lactalis (founded by her grandfather in 1930s), producers of popular President brie among hundreds of other cheese, milk and yogurt brands.

10. Fahd Hariri

Fahd HaririPhoto credit: pinterest

Age: 33
Net Worth: $1.40 Billion
Source: Investment and Construction

Fahd Hariri is best recognized as the youngest son of slain Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He was born in Lebanon and graduated from the Ecole Speciale Architecture de Paris (2004). Presently, Hariri is the 5th richest person in Lebanese.

9. Huiyan Yang

Yang Huiyan
Age: 32
Net Worth: $6.00 Billion
Source: Country Garden Holdings

Huiyan Yang is graduated from Ohio State University (2003) and one of the wealthiest women in Mainland China. How she became so rich? Actually the wealth is inherited from her father Yang Guoqiang, founder of real estate developer Country Garden Holdings (1997).

8. Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo SaverinPhoto credit: wikimedia

Age: 31
Net Worth: $2.20 Billion
Source: Facebook

Eduardo Saverin is an investor and internet entrepreneur and one of the cofounders of Facebook. Presently he has less than 5% shares in Facebook making his net worth across 2 billion. Eduardo Saverin also has invested in startups such as Jumio and Qwiki. He currently resides in Singapore and renounced United States citizenship in 2011.

7. Scott Duncan

Scott DuncanPhoto credit: Indiatimes

Age: 31
Net Worth: $5.10 Billion
Source: Enterprise Products Partners

Scott Duncan is the youngest of four children who inherited from his father Dan Duncan, an energy pipeline entrepreneur and the founder of Enterprise Products partners. Dan Duncan died in 2010 at the age of 77. His company owns around 50k miles of oil, petrochemical and natural gas pipelines.

6. Albert von Thurnund Taxis

Albert von Thurnund TaxisPhoto credit: wikipedia

Age: 30
Net Worth: $1.50 Billion
Source: Diversified

Albert Von Thurnund Taxis the 12th Prince of Thurn and Taxis, after his father’s death in 1990, he has been listed as world’s youngest billionaire several times. He presently owns large assets which include real estates, art, one of Europe’s largest forest and 36,000 hectare woodland in Germany.

5. Drew Houston

Drew Houston

Age: 30
Net Worth: $1.2 Billion
Source: Dropbox

Drew Houston co-founded Dropbox, a cloud based file sharing and online backup service in 2007. He also worked on several other startups including Bit9, Accolade and Hubspot. Dropbox has been named as one of the best startup of Silicon Valley.

4. Anton Kathrein Jr.

Anton-KathreinPhoto credit: NDTV

Age: 29
Net Worth: $1.3
Source: Kathrein-Werke (World’s largest antenna manufacturer)

Anton Kathrein Jr. was a German entrepreneur in the field of antenna engineering. He established the Kathrein-Werke in 1972. The company makes TV broadcast antenna, satellite antenna and all electronic components that are used in cell phones. He died on 13th November 2012 due to heart failure.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark ZuckerbergPhoto credit: wikipedia

Age: 29
Net Worth: $33.10 Billion
Source: Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is a computer programmer and the world’s third youngest self-made billionaire. He is founder and CEO of giant social networking site Facebook having a total asset of $15 Billion and recently achieved over 1.35 Billion monthly active users. Zuckerberg is the youngest person ever who made over $16 billion so early.

2. Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz - Youngest Billionaires in the WorldPhoto credit: wikipedia

Age: 29
Net Worth: $6.80 Billion
Source: Facebook

Dustin Moskovitz is just 8 days younger than Mark Zukerberg and one of the founders of Facebook. Moskovitz is the World’s second youngest self-made billionaire with 2.34% shares in Facebook. He left Facebook in 2008 and co-founded Asana (task management industry) with Justin Rosenstein.

1. Perenna Kei

Perenna KeiPhoto credit: Mingtiandi

Age: 24
Net Worth: $1.3 Billion
Source: Logan Property Holdings

Perenna Kei is a Chinese businesswoman and also known by the name of Ji Peili. She owns 85% of the company and serves as a non-executive director of the company. After completing the bachelor degree in economics from the University of London, she helped her father to run the company. Forbes Magazine named her the youngest billionaire in the world.

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